Staying True 9 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

In accordance with the Zee World Tuesday, May 9, 2023 update, Mayank requests thrill from Parashar and asks, “Do you want me to speed post Aditi to your house today?” Pramod, Vinod, and Parashar, among others, are shocked. Chanda petitions God and gets out whatever is happening among Paragi and Vinod’s child. Shiva insults Chanda. Kinkar answers the phone and hands it to Chanda.

Gulshan’s mom faults Paragi for plotting against Gulshan with Sanjay’s assistance and getting her child thumped. She asserts that she is still Aditi’s saas and serves as bahu here. She asserts that Aditi must pay for her actions. Samdhan ji is what Chanda says. She blows up. Gulshan is informed by Paragi that whatever Sanjay has done for me is for my benefit and that you deserve this. She says I can’t destroy Sanjay, his family and notoriety.

She claims that an IAS is instructed to safeguard the nation, and she adds, “I will clear IAS soon, and I will apply this learning now.” She says I won’t be apprehensive, if Aditi didi is sent back. She says Sanjay will be left from here with deference, I won’t allow you to record any body of evidence against him.

She asserts, “I was asked to choose one way out of the two,” and that “I will handle bade mummy.” Gulshan consents to do as she said, and says I have a condition. Aditi requests a statement from her mother-in-law. Her mother by marriage is irate. Chanda flies off the handle contemplating Gulshan’s mother by marriage’s message.

Gulshan and Paragi enter the prison. Mayank asks will I document FIR. According to Paragi, Gulshan does not intend to file the FIR. What asks Mayank? Gulshan informs me that tomorrow is Paragi and my marriage; I do not wish for any complications. Sushma claims that Paragi has married you.

Sanjay advises against the marriage, claiming that it is a fabrication. This is true, according to Paragi; Gulshan and I will wed tomorrow. Parashar becomes angry. Because Gulshan threatened to kill my sister, Paragi believes I have evidence against him and that she has decided to marry him. She believes that she must marry him. She leaves the jacket on the table and takes it off. As he is tied in the prison, Sanjay cries. He remembers her name. As Paragi leaves the PS, She weeps as the koi fariyaad plays.

Following day, Paragi emerges and takes the paper. Sanjay comes there and holds her hands. He removes her. Paragi inquires as to for what reason did you come here? He holds her hand once more. Sanjay says I need to ask you something. Paragi declines. Sanjay asserts that you are not required to wed the wrong person. She claims that she has her permission to do this. He asks you what you did after I got out of jail and you got married to Gulshan. He says you are doing this for me, and asks her not to forfeit her life for him. He holds her and demands that she respond. Paragi asks him to concentrate on his IAS preparation and says, “What are you doing?

” She claims that everyone in your family is there to support you and make room for you. She declares that I will become his wife and marry Gulshan today. She tells him to focus on his studies and then leaves. Sanjay asserts that I cannot leave you because I love you. Paragi checks him out. Sanjay says, “Tu aati hai seene mein.” He claims that I fell in love with you right away. He says I would have left you on your condition, however your future isn’t great with that person. He claims that although I have expressed my one-sight love for you, I have not come here to tell you I love you.

He requests that she thoroughly search in his eyes and say it, let your heart open up. He states, “I know that even you…” Parag says, “Today is my marriage, leave my life,” and he adds, “I said.” Sanjay declares that he will not return to your life. He claims that you lie to me and threatens to break that Gulshan’s mouth if she misbehaves with you. Paragi says today is my marriage with him, and requests that he go to his home, for his loved ones.

Paragi informs Sanjay that today is her wedding day and asks him to proceed. Sanjay gets sad eyes. Paragi leaves that location crying. Chanda puts garland on her and holds her hand. While Atul holds Parashar’s hands, he is shocked. Parashar inquires if she is insane. Shiva thinks why Paragi is doing this constrained marriage and supposes on the off chance that this marriage don’t occur, then there will be a show.

Paragi inquires about Chanda’s activities. Chanda claims that you have set up the marriage in the chowki, and since today is your wedding day, I have begun the ceremonies. She informs Shiva that today is the day of her marriage. She tells Paragi that if you marry Gulshan today, Aditi will be content in her sasural.

She informs you that your marriage will begin in six hours, and if you engage in any drama, I will ruin the outcome. She says to her, “If you are dramebaaz, then I am dramaqueen,” and threatens her. According to Paragi, I have consented to this union and will wed Gulshan today. She says that I am aware that you place a high value on my marriage to Didi’s dewar. Chanda instructs them to make the arrangements and instructs Parashar not to act today. Paragi believes that if she does not marry Gulshan, he will kill Aditi Didi, making her feel helpless.

Pramod inquires as to why Sanjay is after that girl. He asks, “Why does that girl want to marry that bad guy?” She is deemed helpless by Vinod. Pramod asserts that she is just a milkman’s daughter for us and that Sanju could not write an IAS if an FIR was filed against him. Vinod declares that he will be a successful IAS officer by standing up for the respect of girls. According to Pramod, there is no hope for such girls and he is concerned that Sanju will end up in jail for providing assistance to them.

Sanju claims that she is marrying Gulshan so that the FIR can be retracted against me and that I cannot hear anything against Paragi. He explains what transpired when Paragi agreed to marry his younger brother after Inspector left me. He claims that Paragi agreed to a deal and gave her life for me. He says the young lady whom you are denouncing so a lot, has saved your home regard today. He tells that today his affection will happen to another person, how might I bear.

Aditi inquires about Gulshan’s readiness to wed Paragi. Gulshan says in the event that your sister absconds with her sweetheart? Aditi asks who? Mayank says Sanjay, Pathak’s son. Gulshan says that if he tries to get my soon-to-be wife to break off their marriage, I have a complete plan. Parashar comes to Paragi’s room and requests that she run off from home. He loads her luggage.

Paragi says I will not abscond, Di’s life will be demolished. He wants her to get sick and go to the hospital. Aditi Didi’s life will be destroyed, Paragi declares, “I can’t do this.” She demands that he comprehend. It opens.

Sanjay is praying to Sai Baba inside his house. Sanjay is asked by Vinod to stop his love from getting into the wrong hands. Sanjay says I can do nothing off-base. Vinod informs him concerning hearing Paragi and Gulshan’s arrangement.

He declares that he will expel Sanjay and that he will kill Aditi if she does not marry him. Facebook comes to an end. I won’t let this marriage happen, Sanjay says. He asserts that I will not permit that wicked man to wed my Paragi. He is asked by Vinod to consider ways to end this marriage.

Aditi comes to Paragi’s room. You are, according to Parashar. Aditi asks Parashar what he’s doing and tells him to hurry back to the temple. Parashar inquires as to why you have arrived now. Aditi ties Dupatta around Paragi’s waist and declares, “I will tell you.” She claims that Gulshan is unsure whether Paragi will elope, which is why I have tied her, even if she consumes poison or cuts her wrist, among other things. She declares that she will marry only once. Sanjay will attempt to halt the marriage, despite Paragi’s belief that Aditi is innocent. She asserts that there will be no issues at all.

According to Sushma, groom swapping is bad. Vinod inquires about Sanjay’s readiness. Sanjay asserts that I will do anything for Paragi’s future if she is willing to put her life at risk for me. He says, “Why should I be afraid when you and I are together?” He ties Mata Rani’s fabric on his head. Aditi declares her joy at selecting Paragi as her dewrani. Paragi believes that in order to save Aditi, she must wed Gulshan. She envisions Sanjay residing in her room. He covers her head with a dupatta.

Aditi inquires as to whether she is lost in Gulshan’s thoughts and responds that he is the groom. Parashar cries out to God for Paragi’s safety. As Paragi gets ready for marriage, Chanda removes the bad sight. Chanda says once you wed Gulshan, Aditi’s concerns will be tackled. She says Gulshan said that she will come on time.

The vehicle is driven by Gulshan. His mother asks who will join the baraat now to dance. Gulshan believes that he will force Paragi and her lover to dance the naagin. According to Chanda, your real daughter’s bidaai will also be held today. Shiva says saiyan ji is coming, fail to remember the examinations and forfeit to get this award, mangalsutra. Ruhi claims that this is hang rope rather than varmala.

Paragi states, “I am aware that Sai baba will support me.” Chanda anticipates Gulshan’s arrival. Atul says he will come, Paragi will wed today itself. Kinkar says I will now eat Paragi’s roti side. Chanda says we’ll get rid of her first. A biker is struck by Gulshan and knocked to the ground on the road. I’ll check to see if he has changed, Mayank says.

They all get down and see the blood out and about close to the harmed man. Mayank checks him and says he isn’t relaxing. Ruhi sincerely hopes that they won’t come here. Chanda informs the groom that the car has arrived. They exit the vehicle. According to Atul, they didn’t decorate the car as well. Kinkar inquires about Gulshan and Mayank from Gulshan’s mother. Chanda asks did we accomplish something wrong? Gulshan’s mom says we can’t make Paragi as our bahu. She asserts that we must go somewhere. Aditi inquires where Gulshan is.

why you are returning now and why he hasn’t shown up. Gulshan’s mother requests that Mayank remain there until I send Mayank to bring you back in two to three days. She says Paragi can’t wed Gulshan now. She sits in the vehicle with her better half. Aditi argues infront of her and gets stunned. Paragi wonders how the marriage abruptly ended. We’ll find out how this miracle happened, Romi promises.

Gulshan’s mom lets her better half know that they have done as Mayank said. Mayank lets Gulshan know that everything should be caught in the CCTV. He is asked by their mother to save Gulshan. According to Mayank, this case has a significant drama. Before anyone sees us, he declares that we will depart from here. In the car, they all sit. The door is knocked on by a few people who invite them inside.

Mayank undermines individuals. Among individuals is Vinod, and calls him Mayank Dubey. Additionally present, Sanjay is wearing a mask and threatening you both with imprisonment. I say I don’t want to go, Gulshan says. Mayank requests that Gulshan get underground and requests that his mom proceed to drop the marriage. From there, they all flee.

Chanda says marriage is canceled and don’t have the foggiest idea why it is broken. She believes she cannot comprehend this fact.

When Aditi calls Mayank, she worries about him. Paragi asserts that something solid has occurred and identifies the performer of this miracle. She wonders if Sanjay is to blame for this.

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