The Need For An Insurance: 6 Vital Reasons Why Life, Health, Home & Car Insurance Matters

There is no doubt that you will have greater peace of mind if you know that you and your loved ones are financially secure from various emergency situations through insurance.

Uncertainties in life could crave it way up at any moment, such as an unfortunate death or a medical emergency. These situations also include accident or severe damage to your vehicle, property etc.

Bearing the financial loss of these situations can create a big hole in your pocket. You may need to dip into your savings or your family’s hard-earned money.

That is, there is a pressing need of insurance for you and your family for proper coverage and financial support against all risks linked to your life, health and property.

But before we move on to why the need for insurance, let us first see some types of insurance.

Types of Insurance

There are many types of insurance plans available. Some of the commonly preferred ones include are:

Life Insurance

Life insurance is what you can avail in order to safeguard your family in case of your death during the tenor of the policy. The most basic form of life insurance available to buyers is term insurance. Life insurance helps secure your family financially with a lump sum amount that is paid out in the event of the policy holder’s death within the policy period.

Health Insurance

This is purchased for covering medical expenses revolving around various health issues, including hospitalisation, treatments and so on. These insurance plans come in handy in case of medical emergencies; you can also avail of cashless facility across network hospitals of the insurer.

Child Plans

These insurance policies are savings instruments that help in generating lump sum funds whenever children reach a certain age for pursuing higher studies. In these plans, the life assured is that of the child or the recipient of the funds while the parents are the policy owners.

Home Insurance

These insurance plans cover any damages to the home on account of accidents, mishaps and natural calamities, among other such events.

Auto/Car Insurance

These are insurance plans for vehicles, including cars and bikes. These offer protection against natural calamities, damages to third parties (people who have incurred losses or been hurt in an accident with the policyholder’s vehicle) and also damages to the vehicle along with mishaps and accidents.

Insurance is thus the need of the hour in today’s uncertain times ,check your financial situation to choose a plan best suited to your future financial needs.

So Why The Need for An Insurance?

1. They Are Very Benefecial

Insurance plans are beneficial to anyone looking to protect their family, property and themselves from financial losses.

2. Emergency Redemptive Solutions

Insurance plans helps you to pay for medical emergencies, hospitalisation, contraction of any illnesses and treatment, and medical care required in the future.

The financial loss to the family due to the unfortunate death of the sole earner can be covered by insurance plans. The family can also repay any debts like home loans or other debts which the person may have incurred in his/her lifetime.

3. They Sustain Your Progeny

Insurance plans helps your family maintain their standard of living in case you are no more around in the future. This will help them cover the costs of running the household through the insurance lump sum payout.

4. Provides Expenditure Coverage

Insurance money will give your family some much-needed breathing space along with coverage for all expenditure in case of death, accident or medical emergency of the policyholder.

5. Secures The Future

Insurance plans helps in protecting the future of your child in terms of his/her education. They will make sure that your children are financially secured while pursuing their dreams and ambitions without any compromises, even when you are not around.

Many insurance plans come with savings and investment schemes along with regular coverage. These help in building wealth, savings for the future through regular investments.

You pay premiums regularly and a portion of the same goes towards life coverage while the other portion goes towards either a savings plan or investment plan, whichever you choose based on your future goals and needs.

6. Insurance Genders Life Assurance

Insurance helps protect your home in the event of any unforeseen calamity or damage. Your home insurance plan will help you get coverage for damages to your home and pay for the cost of repairs or rebuilding, whichever is needed. If you have coverage for valuables and items inside the house, then you can purchase replacement items with the insurance money.

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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