The Silent Thief 17 January 2023, Monday(E76-77)

The Silent Thief On Adom Tv Monday 17 January 2023, read update and watch video below

Brylle recollected all the second he has seen Jessie and official laly along with everything that Reign said to him yet he imagined as though he was fine. Reign showed Jessie and official laly’s image to Ethan and said he’s Jessie’s sweetheart, Ethan didn’t trust her.

Somebody unintentionally poured water on official laly so Jessie advised him to utilize her washroom, Brylle visited Jessie and saw that official laly was utilizing Jessie’s washroom that made him more dubious of what Reign said. He went after official laly then Jessie isolated them and requested that he let her make sense of yet he didn’t.

Reign saw Jessie subsequent to meeting Brylle and needed to ridicule her so she told Jessie that Brylle is going to her companion legal counselor to put forth a defense of the outrage among Jessie and official laly . Jessie began beating her for that. Brylle didn’t record a body of evidence against Jessie yet Jessie document an argument against Brylle for lawful partition.

Reign purchased new books for Ethan and Ethan showed his drawing of him and Amado and asked Reign when he will come , Reign lied saying Amado is a terrible individual. Ethan cried on the grounds that he has missed Amado. Two couples saved Amado so Amado is as yet alive.

Brylle had a letter from the court saying Jessie needs legitimate division. Continue to visit for quickest refreshes.


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