Onay’s Dream Of A Happy Family Fulfilled. The Way To Your Heart 29 June 2022: Episode 146

The episode begins with Maila crossing and stopping Helena. Helena Helena says get out of the way. Maila scolds her and and this results in a fight between them. As the fight continues, Natalie came out from the house and tells Helena not to date lay a hands on her sister. Helena says Natalie, come here, am alone now, am done chasing you. 

But she objected and Helena tells them fine, you guys watch out. She leaves in her car. Maila cries seeing with her own eyes how Natalie stood against Helena and tells her she is sorry for all that she has said against her, she can testify thah Natalie has their best interest at heart. 

At dinner that night, Natalie comes to Maila and says I have something for you. She gifts Maila and necklace and helped her wear it around her neck. The family were so happy for see the reunion of their happy family. Helena drinks enough wine. Soleng advises her to quit drinking as it is enough, but Helena says she can drink as much and anytime she wants. 

As Soleng rebukes her, she pours wine on her face and scolds her, she then asks her out of the house saying she doesn’t need any of them. Whiles in Onay’s house, Onay is seen with her beautiful daughters play on the bed and had fun and it was such a lovely sight.

Helena goes to bed that night very intoxicated as she takes Natalie’s picture and remembers all rhe the moment she had with Natalie, flashback shows those moment, Helena says we were onve happy, but now your absence has left me with a deepest wound. She also remembers how Natalie stood against her after learning the truth. She cries and goes to sleep. Maila and Natalie are seen discussing life. 

As Helena slept off, she turned and her hand hit the candle light which fell and the fire started spreading in his mansion, all these while she was fast asleep. 

Helena is seen at the gate of Natalie calling her. Natalie says you can’t be here, Maila will have you arrested. Helena says I need help. She asks, what do you mean by help? She goes and opens the gate only to see a mad woman. 

Natalie screams and wakes up. It was a dream. But she panicked. She picks up her phone and calls Helena. Her phone rang but no answer. The fire touched the electrical cables, Helena wakes up and found her bedroom on fire. She calls Soleng and Lee for help but no one came, probability, she herself asked Soleng out of her house. 

Helena goes into the safe and took out her money and few belonging, seems those things were of more importance to her than her dear life. Natalie is still in fear that Helena might be in danger, she suggested to Maila and asks her not to get her wrong. Helena struggles to get out of her bedroom to the living room. Helena lies there as she was finding it difficult to breathe. 

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