Onay Rejects Lucas’ Proposal. The Way To Your Heart 7 July 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 153


The episode begins with Natalie getting disappointed at Luise for not coming to the party on time. Luise explains to her about the traffic issues she faced. As they were going upstairs, Luise sees Helena and asks Natalie, did you invite mommy Helena to the party? Helena says hi Natalie, I missed you? 

Natalie says ma, what are you doing here? Helena says well I came in peace, I came to witness Onay’s second desperate love so is your biological mother, the one flirting with Lucas Samonte. Natalie says she is busy with her good life with her family. 

Helena says to Natalie, why are you talking that way? Mind your manners. Natalie says manners? Never show up at a party you are not invited to. Helena lifts her hand to slap Natalie but Natalie holds her hand. 

Onay goes to the washroom and gets mad at herself for rejecting Lucas’ proposal. She receives a call from her mother who advises her on the right decisions to make. 

The police come downstairs to arrest Helena. Helena holds Luise and tells the police to drop their gun or she will slit her throat, she takes a knife from her pocket. 

She runs away as the police give her a chase. Natalie hugs Luise and they go.  

The police ask Helena to stop. Helena says why can’t you just leave me alone? I would rather rest in peace than go back to that prison. She jumps over a truck carrying junk and escapes. Helena comes home and tells Soleng that she is not going to prison ever.

 She tells Soleng they should go. She asks but where are we going? Helena says I can call some friends to help us. Soleng asks, friends? Is it madam Agartha? Agartha receives a call from Helena. She tells Helena to give her address to her. Agartha writes it down.

 Agartha then gives the address to Luise to give to Lucas, and says I want to see Helena in prison. It’s our turn to get back to that bitch, you know the best revenge to give to Helena? To see the queen bow down to her pawn. Helena will kill herself to bow to Onay. Everyone watches on tv as Helena escapes in a truck. Natalie receives a call from Luise. She informs her that she has Helena’s address.

Natalie thanks her. Helena disguises herself and asks Soleng if her disguise is okay. The police knock at the door. Helena gets shocked. They opened the door and saw some women instead. Helena is seen in Vincent’s car. She says see Agartha, am not desperate as she is. Vincent says but you were desperate to call me. 

Helena says governor, you caught me at the wrong time of my life and you’ve proven that you are worth my trust so I bow to thee. Vincent says Helena, keep the flattery to yourself. Helena says we are back on the same page. Vincent tells her, don’t expect any loyalty from me as I do not expect anything from you, I am only committed to myself. Helena says perfectly, I am liking this relationship already.