Onay Forgives Lucas After His Return From Jail. The Way To Your Heart Ending.

Lucas tells Hector to drive faster. Vincent gets down from his car and goes to the bridge where Maila is. He scolds her. Natalie is seen being tied also with bombs. A car approaches. Vincent goes to check. It was Lucas. Vincent welcomes them. Maila shouts to Lucas. Vincent begins taunting. He shows Lucas the detonator which when pressed, Maila and Natalie will vanish in a second. Vincent turns on the bomb timer, the countdown begins.

Lucas fights with the goon. Just with few seconds left for the bomb to blast, Helena arrives and shoots Vincent. The timer stops. She removes the bomb from Natalie and says let’s go. Natalie says ma, we have to help Maila. Helena says no, we are wasting time. Natalie says no ma, I can’t leave her behind. Helena says Natalie what are you talking about? Am doing this for Onay. 

Natalie goes to save Maila. Helena holds the gun at Maila and says Maila will have to also die. Natalie covers Maila, she walks to Helena and begs her to stop. Helena says if you don’t want to also be with me, then you too will have to also die. But I love you, so I am going to give you another chance Natalie, choose, Onay or me. Choose Natalie. 

Natalie gets up and hugs Helena. She cries. She says ma, I love you. Helena says I love you too. Vincent gets up. He was about to shoot but Helena Shôôts him, he shot back, they kept shooting till they fell. Natalie begs her not to die. Helena says I love you. Helena finally closes her eyes and dies. There was a bomb blast, but Maila and everyone is safe. Natalie and Maila come back home. 

Nelia says sorry and condolences for her loss. Lucas begs Onay for what he has made her and her family go through. Maila hugs Lucas and he kisses her. The police take Lucas away. It’s father’s day, Maila goes to the prison to wish her best father a happy father’s day. Maila gives a father’s day speech as Lucas hugs her. Onay and Kiana go there and look on. Onay and her family commissions a new market in memory of Dante. 

Onay cuts the ropes. From there, Onay sees flowers and follows the trail, she remembers Lucas, Lucas shows up and says hello Onay. Lucas is back from jail. Oliver gives a surprise visit to Maila, they have a moment and kissed. Onay sits with Lucas and they have a time together. Lucas shows his diary in which she has written his biggest wish, “I hope Onay forgives me.

“Onay looks at him and says I have forgiven you, you are my superhero. Lucas kisses her. The Way To Your Heart episode goes to and end with Lucas and Onay getting married after all, it was such a wonderful site and they lived happily ever after. 

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