Oliver Finally Propose Love To Maila. The Way To Your Heart Heart Wednesday, 30 March 2022

The episode begins with Maila and Oliver sitting behind the rocks. Oliver lays hands on her as they sleep. Maila screams from sleep. Oliver calls her and asks what the problem is. She replied that she felt scared thinking it might be someone else after what she went through. It’s morning. They got up and went. Dante and Onay come and meet them as they come out from the forest. Maila hugs Dante and her mother. Onay tells her how worried she was for her. Onay assures her that she won’t let anything happen to her. They all take the route home. 

Lucas at the dinner table with his friend. Flashback shows the moment he met Onay. Lucas finds it’s having a strange connection. At school, Maila and Oliver come. Everybody was happy to see them. They met with the students and the teachers. Teacher says we are so happy to see you safe. Wendy sees her. They said sorry to Onay for this happening in their school activity. Onay asks them to give thanks to Oliver. Maila tells how Oliver came and saved her. The teachers thanked Oliver. Teacher asks her to go for a checkup and then go home and rest. She is excused for the day. Maila goes with Oliver. Wendy looks on seeing her failure. 

Onay stops by a car. The door of the car hit her. The woman says sorry, did the car hit you? She got down and she came out and it was Emelda, Lucas’ wife. She taunts Onay and goes. She goes to the school and looks for Oliver Pascal. Oliver and Maila in the checkward. Maila thanks Oliver for coming to her rescue. He flirts and says you deserve to be treated like a princess. Maila asks a favor from him that all that happened there should be a secret between them. Oliver says whatever happened in the forest, stays in the forest. 

Emelda bumps in and says oh, there you are. She taunts Maila. Emelda takes Oliver and they go. She turned to Maila and said, oh Maila, I have two nice words for you, Stay Away. They go. Maila came home and had dinner with her family and her best friend, Kiana. Salia prayed and they began serving the food. Kiana teases her with Oliver. Sali joins in and they all tease. 

Dante sends her application to Helena’s office. The servant tells him to wait as she goes to call her madam. Helena comes there and Dante gets shocked seeing her. He says, Helena? Flashback shows the moment he made the deal with Helena. Helena says that’s madam for you. He says sorry, madam. Helena asks, do I know you? You look familiar to me. Nathalie calls to ask about Oliver and Maila.

 It’s Wendy on the other side of the call. She asks how they came out alive. Wendy says I don’t know, I don’t know what happened to them in the cave. Nathalie says, so what are you trying to say Wendy? She replies, am just trying to says something might have happened right? Maila is into Oliver and Oliver too likes Maila you know. 

Nathalie says, I hate you. Shut up. Wendy says enough Nathalie, I am just saying. Nathalie hangs up. Wendy says hello but realizes she hung up on her. Nathalie looks very angry. 

Emelda says why were you with her? Oliver says mom, you don’t have to be rude to Maila all the time. She says I wouldn’t have to be so rude if you didn’t end up in that God forsaken forest. Why? All for that girl? It’s not worth it. 

How many times do I have to tell you, stop being friends with her. Oliver says mom, I feel I can choose my own friends now. Emelda says, oh no, you don’t get to argue with me, young man. Just do what I say..and go get your breakfast. Lucas comes to Oliver and tells not to take her seriously. He asks, anyways, how is Maila? Oliver replies, she’s good. Flashback shows the moment they had together in the forest. Lucas asks, how did you feel? He says dad, it’s just that feeling you have when doing something for someone you love.  Lucas tells him that love comes naturally. At the right time, You should tell her how special she is to you. 

Celebration goes on in the school. Oliver asks his friend if he has seen Maila? His friend asks, have you seen Nathalie? Nathalie is standing with her friends. Maila comes and Oliver sees her. Oliver goes up stage, he takes the microphone and says hi Maila. Everybody cheers. Celebration continues. They made a love sign. Nathalie, Wendy and Luis look on. Oliver announces, everyone, this is my good and special friend, Maila. 

Nathalie gets angry. Oliver continues, Maila has been in the school for, how many years now? I can only say getting to know Maila was the best thing that ever happened. Nathalie says, what the hell is happening? Wendy says, ahh, listen. And for all, the best part could be getting to be with her. Students cheer. Like, seeing her smile, hearing her laugh, watching her eat her delicious bikkon in a special way. Maila felt flattered. 

Flashback shows the moments they had together. Seeing her safe, and telling her that everything is gonna be okay. It’s obvious that I really like you, Maila. Everybody cheers. And I feel that all this is not enough, because Maila, I love you. The cheers became louder. Nathalie gets angry. 

Oliver says, and now Maila, I need to know, Oliver goes on his knees with flowers and asks, will you love me too? Nathalie opens her mouth in shock. Maila felt reluctant. Oliver says, Maila, please love me. Maila got him up. All students ask Maila to say yes. Maila takes the microphone and says, she remembers what Emelda says to her, that she should stay away and the words Onay told her. She remembers Oliver telling her to listen to whatever anyone says, not even his mother but should listen to her heart. Maila then accepts his love and all students gather around them and cheer loudly. Nathalie was about to step in when her friends stops her and says, don’t do this, you will look like the biggest loser ever….Read more

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