Onay Begins Her Arrest. The Way To Your Heart Monday, 11 April 2022


The episode begins with the police arresting Emmanuel Cruise, he struggles with them. He beats the police and escapes. Lucas’ friend asks his driver what is he doing? And asks him to drive off. Lucas also gets into his car where his assistant Hector was waiting for him. He asks what’s the problem. He tells him what Maila has said. Oliver sleeps with Elvin’s picture and says he will get justice for him. 

Emmanuel runs as the police chases him. Finally, he gets busted by backup. They handcuff him and put him into the van. 

Attorney Silver comes to Helena about her case, the attorney tells them they found the CCTV footage about who burned her car, the person cannot be identified, it’s not Nelia or Onay. Helena says if it’s not Nelia or Onay then who is it?

Onay comes home and says Emmanuel Cruz has been busted by the police. Emmanuel Cruz is brought inside. The media gathers around hearing the arrest to take his statement. Onay comes to the police and taunts him.  Dante hides and looks on. Onay remembers revealing the face of Emmanuel when the men caught her. She says they will all pay for what they did with her. Attorney Silver tells Helena that I will go and will update you of anything. Nathalie says mom, can I just go to my room? She says and goes. 

Helena then sees Dante and calls him. Helena gives Dante a task. Emmanuel’s mother comes to the police and puts up a fight with Onay. Onay says your son is a criminal. Vincent in his car, his father calls him and reminds him of his governorship position and not to do anything to ruin his family’s reputation. He remembers Lucas saying he found her. He also remembers the arrest of Emmanuel and how he escaped. He then receives a call from Emmanuel who tells him that he has been arrested and is in police custody. He tells him that he shouldn’t expose him because he is going for an election. 

The media asks to speak with Onay but she leaves without saying a word. Vincent meets Lucas and tells him that Emmanuel has been arrested by the police. He asks him, they have to do something else their Secret will get exposed. Lucas didn’t agree to his advances and he slaps him. Lucas asks what is wrong with him? Onay and her family meet and converse. Oliver and her friend are seen in school the next day. 

Luis sees a blog on her phone which says “Small person sees ray of Justice after 18 years.” Luis says OMG and shows it to Nathalie. Luis says is this person not the mother of Maila? Natalie looks on. Onay and her family were at the market when she saw the news in the newspaper. She shows it to Onay. Onay remembers the media stopping her on the way. The media comes to her at the market and asks that they want to have an interview with her. Onay refuses….Read more

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