Lucas Saves Maila From Mary Chau. The Way To Your Heart Monday, 16 May 2022

The episode begins with Onay telling Lucas to protect and take care of Maila. She dies. Onay’s soul is seen wondering about looking for Maila. She keeps calling on to Maila. Someone is seen. It was Elvin. He comes to meet Onay. Elvin extends his hand to Onay and she holds it. Onay smiles. She looks through his eyes and they hand a moment. 

Onay suddenly removes her hand and says she can’t come to him right now, she needs to go and look for Maila. She says sorry to Elvin and goes. Onay then opens her eyes. The doctors take her away. Nelia and Kiana come to the hospital and meet Lucas and the police, they ask about Maila. 

The police assure them that they will do everything within their power to get Maila. Lucas then asks Kiana what happened and where Maila was and how she got kidnapped. She told Lucas about how Maila got an invitation to Mary Chau’s bar, and then she never returned after that, and they went there to look for Maila and what happened thereafter.

 The police go to Mary Chau’s bar, everybody is dragged out. Lucas also arrives there. He introduced himself as attorney Samonte and went inside. The police was questioning Mary Chau when they arrived. She hits the police and runs away. Lucas and Hector got there. They chased her. She got into her car.

Lucas asks where Maila is, but she drives off. Lucas brings the car and they chase her off. The doctor checks Onay and says she is doing well, just a minor head injury. Onay worries for Maila. Nelia consoles her and tells her not to worry because the police and Sir Lucas will help bring Maila back. Mary Chau calls her goons and asks what’s going on.

They had tied Maila up. The police come to the hospital and inform Onay about what had happened and how Mary Chau escaped, but Lucas is following her.  Mary Chau arrived at the port. Lucas calls the police and informs them he has tracked Mary Chau and found her. Hector says Sir, do you think Mary Chau has Maila there? Mary Chau enters a room, Lucas and Hector follow her. Onay prays to the Lord to help them saying she lost Rosemary and Elvin, she can’t lose Maila also.  Mary Chau beats and scolds Maila. Lucas and Hector arrive there and see them. 

Helena with Nathalie, she says Nathalie, I will just call the hospital, just stay and don’t go anywhere. Helena goes. Nathalie says to Madam Soleng, what happened to Auntie Onay, I am just curious to know. Hector reaches for the gun of the kidnappers. Maila runs to Lucas. Hector shot the goons. The other one and Mary Chau escaped. Lucas tells Hector to come so they leave. 

Lucas takes Maila out, they start shooting at them. Helena insisted that Soleng tells her what has happened to Onay. Soleng says Rosemary. Nathalie says pardon? Soleng remembers the past of how Rosemary was taken away from Onay. She cries. She tells Nathalie about how Elvin was r@ped and about Rosemary. Nathalie says and what about Rosemary?…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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