Finally, Nathalie Turns A New Leaf. The Way To Your Heart Monday, 2 May 2022

The episode begins with Agartha saying to Luise what were you doing out there? Luise says sorry mum, we didn’t expect the speedboat to catch fire. Helena says and what were you thinking of? Wendy says auntie, we were just trying to have fun. Helena says fun? Now what? See what has happened to Nathalie. Wendy says auntie this is all Oliver’s fault. Helena asks, and how did this become Oliver’s fault? She says he could have saved Nathalie, but he chose to save Maila. 

And the waves took Nathalie away, the waves took Nathalie because of Maila. Luise says yes auntie, that’s true. Helena looks on. Onay and Kiara go to the shore. Oliver says auntie Onay, am so sorry I couldn’t save Maila. I am sorry I wasn’t strong enough. Helena comes there and says, you, it’s all your fault my daughter drowned.

 Nathalie and Maila slept in the jungle that night, Nathalie says sorry to Maila for what she did as she was jealous of her and Oliver. That night, they had a moment together. They even played together. She gives Maila a wristband. Maila lays her head on Nathalie as they sleep. Helena beats Oliver and says if anything happens to my daughter, I will not forgive you. Onay defends Oliver saying you have no right to blame Oliver for what happened. Helena’s servant takes her away. Nathalie wakes up and puts her hand on Maila as they lay down. Nathalie says I love you Maila, she says the same to her. 

Helena says I know it’s becoming of me, I just couldn’t control my emotions, Agartha says I know your tempers are running up right now but you really have to control your emotions. Helena says I know. Dante is seen. Helena and Agartha go after him and he runs away. Maila takes wood and makes fire for them. They sit by the fire. Helena says I thought I saw somebody, Helena hides and listens. 

Onay goes to Helena and scolds her because Nathalie took Maila on the speedboat. As Nathalie and Maila sat there, they heard footsteps. Nathalie says they are here to save us. She gets up, Maila asks her to be patient. Helena tells Onay not to blame Nathalie falsely. Oliver says it’s true, you can ask the teachers who were there. Helena says Maila is a trouble magnet. Am not surprised, after she is the daughter of a r@p!st.  As Nathalie was running, she fell. Maila shouts. Nathalie was hurt, she felt unconscious. The priest and everyone pray for Nathalie and Maila so God will save them wherever they are and bring them back safely. Maila cares for Nathalie. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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