Maila Puts Up Amazing Show. The Way To Your Heart Monday, 21 February 2022

The teachers day celebration begins. Maila’s grandma gets seated with her friend. Madam says we really appreciate the hard work that our teachers do to help us grow our young ones. She asks the students and guests to put up a hand of applause. She then invited Maila to come and open up the ceremony. Maila goes on stage with her guitar in her hand. 

Nathalie and her friends plotted against her. Her friends ask if they are sure the plan will work. She asks them to eat some popcorn and wait. Salia tells Onay to hurry up so they go there early, they arrive there. Maila dedicated the song to her mother. Onay looks on. Maila began the song. 

Onay remembers her and the memories they had spent together. Both the good days and how she neglected her. Onay didn’t allow her to finish singing when she moved out. Salia teases her that the song has touched her. A bucket of paint falls over her. Everybody looks shocked. Nathalie and her friends smile. Oliver goes up to her. Nathalie feels jealous. 

Alice says, you should avoid drinking coffee, Helena. She says she has pressure from Onay and it’s not good for her. She says but why? Now she will be free from Onay’s pressure. Alice says thanks to me, it was my idea. Helena says, I know, thanks to you my bff.

 I wish you had told me this solution earlier. Helena says, yesterday was a disaster, imagine dining in a restaurant and all that drama. Onay and Alice see Helena’s car. She says, is this not her car? They waited for her. Helena returns and they meet. They argue. Onay asks her to give her Rosemary to her when Helena tells her that Rosemary is dead. 

The Way To Your Heart Episode 24

The episode continues with Onay taunting Helena. She holds Helena as she pushes her. Oliver is sitting with Maila. He tells her she is safe now. He cleans her. He asks who could have done that to her? This was well planned. Too well planned. Oliver tells her to leave that to her as he will find out who did that to her. They have an eye lock. Maila asked to leave. Nathalie’s friend made fun of the situation while she looked sad. They ask if she won’t celebrate their victory. 

She says they did that to spoil her show but at the end, Oliver is seeing her. What kind of thing is this? I hate her. Her friend says, we didn’t see that coming. Did we? That was a brilliant plan right. Her friend says oh my God. Come and look at something, 16million views.

They have posted the video of Maila on social media, and they laughed and said, she is trending everywhere. She tells them that was a brilliant plan. We nailed it. Maila’s friend looks on. Maila cleans up. Oliver waits on her. He tells her she looks good. Oliver gives her a pair of shoes and asks her to choose one. They have an eye lock. Maila says she has to go. Onay remembers Helena telling her Rosemary is dead. 

Maila and Oliver meet her grandma. Her friend gives her guitar to her. Maila introduces Oliver to her grandma and they shake hands. Oliver says they have to find out who did that to her. Maila’s friend says there is no need since she knows the person, she tells them how Nathalie and her friends overjoyed over the success of their plan. So Maila said it’s Nathalie. 

Oliver shouts, what? Maila wanted to go and answer her but her grandma stopped her. Onay goes back to the receptionists and asks for Helena’s details. She tells her she has no information about Helena. She cracks a vase and says if she doesn’t give her the information, it will be bloody. Out of fear, the receptionists gave a piece of paper which contained Helena’s information. 

Mishel, who is the receptionist, calls her boss, Alice and tells her that Onay has come for Helena’s details. She shouts and says how could she give out Helena’s details to Onanay? Helena tells her it’s okay, she knows this is coming anyway. 

Onay and Salia are walking around and looking for Helena’s house. They see the police and she goes to seek help from them. Helena is seen in a meet with Alice and other board members. The meeting closes. 

Nathalie calls her on the phone and says, mom are you done with your meeting? And said she would like to meet her at the same place. She said see you, bye. Alice calls her driver to come and drop her off. Alice and Salia waited for Helena as Helena passed by and entered her car. They shouts and calls her but she is off. Salia and Onay stops a taxi and goes after her. 

Maila reports  Nathalie to the disciplinary madam, Nathalie says so are you now accusing me of doing that to you at the program? Maila says her friend saw her and came to tell her. Nathalie then says it’s all hear say, her accusation is baseless. Nathalie says I don’t have time for that crap, and then tells her to prove it. They argue. Mra Rama tells them to stop that and show her some respect. 

Nathalie denies all her accusations. Mrs Rama said, did you hear that Maila? Nathalie is denying all your accusations for what happened to you on stage. Nathalie’s  friends meet again and cheer on the drama. They told the man they hired that it was really perfect. Maila’s friend hides and looks on. They paid the man who they hired to do that work for them. Maila’s friend catches him and beats him. The man escapes. Mrs Rama said all she will do now is to conduct an investigation on the matter. But as for now they should remain calm and be civil to each other. 

Nathalie tells Maila if she is now looking for trouble? And she replies that’s not what she wants. She tells her to behave. Maila’s friend meets her and tells her all that happened. Salia and Onay still follow Helena. Nathalie is seen waiting for her driver. They say her driver is so unprofessional.  Maila and her friend come there and question her. 

Nathalie pours juice on Maila’s face. Maila’s friend fights with her. 

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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