Finally, Maila & Oliver Comes Back Together . The Way To Your Heart Monday, 25 April 2022: Episode 74-75

The episode begins with Oliver helping Onay and Maila to work in their house. Maila cares for Oliver and Onay looks on. She still worries saying she doesn’t want what happened to her to happen to Maila. Maila brings a gift which Oliver has gifted her. It was like the gift Elvin gifted Onay. This made Onay smile as she remembered her past with Elvin. Maila gets happy. Onay hugs her. 

That night Onay and Maila were speaking when they heard some noise outside. They, together with Nelia, go to the window to see what is happening. It was dark outside so they couldn’t see what it was. Maila calls Dante from the window to see if he was the one outside there. Dante responded and suddenly the light turned on. It was Oliver, Sali, Lucas, Hector and Dante. Oliver held flowers in his hands as the others played the guitar and he sang for Maila.

 Oliver has come to propose to Maila. Maila smiles as Oliver sings. After Oliver is done singing, Maila goes downstairs. Emelda and her lover are seen in a car and he is making love to her. Emelda says stop, can we go home? Her lover says why do you think about Onay? 

She says can you stop mentioning her name? He says, objection, your honor. Let us proceed with our lovemaking. Emelda says, objection overruled, now if you are not taking me home, am going. She leaves, and he calls her saying Emelda wait. But she went on. Oliver proposes to Maila, and says Maila, I wanna take care of you, I wanna make you happy, I wanna be your shoulder to cry on, I just wanna be with you.

 Maila tells him the feelings she also has for him. Mail smiles. They ask Maila, what is your final say? Onay comes and interrupts. Oliver bends, and says aunt Onay, I love you daughter and I want your blessings. I promise to take care of Maila with all my heart. By then, Sali was live streaming what was going on. Luis shows the live feed to Nathalie and says girl, come and see what is going on. She says Lucas is also there? 

Nathalie sends it to Emelda. Onay was becoming a hard nut to crack for Oliver. Oliver says to aunt Onay, I won’t do anything to your daughter that you wouldn’t want. Onay asks, promise? Oliver was talking a lot and Onay shuts him. Everybody looks on waiting for Onay to approve of their relationship. Emelda’s lover follows her and says, this is your cell phone. She sees and says what is Oliver doing in the house of Onay?

 I will see to that. Her lover then takes her into his car. 

Onay finally approves of Maila and Oliver’s relationship. Everybody claps. Oliver hugs Onay. Maila also hugs her mother. Onay advises them. Oliver says dad, we won’t disappoint you. Hector gives the gifts. After dinner, Lucas thanks everyone. 

Nathalie was still not getting any response from Emelda and she worries, why is Emelda not reachable. Luise says Nathalie, just give up. She says no Luis, she takes a teddy bear and hits it saying I hate you Maila, I hate you. Luise says fine, hate her all you want but Oliver doesn’t love you. Nathalie looks on. Lucas and Oliver take their leave. MIla escorts them. Oliver tells him he wants to have a moment with Maila. Lucas congratulates Oliver and goes. 

Oliver and Maila had some time together. Oliver says I want to look into your eyes, he was about to kiss Maila when Maila stopped him. He says Oliver, our first kiss should be special on our special day. Oliver says I understand Maila, and she pricks his nose. Oliver also held her nose and Maila said, “Do you want to kill me? Oliver says this is how long I want to kiss you. Maila says I love you, Oliver says I love you too, Biko. They stare into each other’s eyes and hugs. 

Back home, Gracie says congrats to Oliver saying am so happy for you. He says actually, the thanks goes to dad, dad thank you so much. He says Oliver, can you prove yourself to Onay? What is more important is that you will be sincere and respect her. I am so proud of you. Oliver says thanks dad, I just wish mum will be proud of me as you are, you don’t know what joy I am feeling right now. They laugh. Emelda comes and says I am so offended by what you both did. They look on. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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