Maila Get’s Love From Her Mother, Onay. The Way To Your Heart Monday, 28 February 2022

Onay and Sali come home when Maila gives them the good news about going to get a lawyer for their granny. 

Nathalie speaks with her friend and says she doesn’t know what is wrong with her mother and why she is hiding the truth from her. She also speaks about Onay. She said, she is kind and very understanding. Her friend says but she is small. Your mom is tall and beautiful. Maila says and so what? She has a better attitude. Her friend says so you mean Onay is better than your mom? Nathalie says I just wish she is my mom. 

Her friend says but be careful of what you wish for. Everything has to go with the life you are living now. If you are Onay’s daughter, that will be a different story. Nathalie says, I know, I know. My mom says I should not come close to any little person and I don’t know why. Helena speaks with her lawyer and says she doesn’t want to wash her dirty linen in public.

 Agartha says so Nathalie is bent on knowing the truth? Helena says yes. Helena says she would rather die than her secrets coming out. She said she will keep Nathalie away from Onay and she will keep her secrets till the day she dies. Maila thanks Oliver and sir Lucas for coming to help them with the case. Oliver thanks her father and says he is the best. He will never forget what he did for Maila and her family. 

Helena comes to meet Nelia. Helena calls her a murderer and she fight her. 

The episode continues with Nelia and Helena fighting. The prison officers stop them. They ask if she would want them to send her back in to avoid any issue. Helena says I can handle this. She taunts Nelia as she taunts her back. Helena sat and said, I came here in peace regarding Rosemary. I just was a peaceful life, Nelia. We can only achieve that if we forgive each other. But Nelia was proven to be a hard but to crack where Helena says it’s all in the past. 

You still have a reason to survive, you still can be a great mother, please understand, let’s forget Elvin and Rosemary, please. Nelia asks what do you want from us? She says I just don’t want to have anything to do with all of you. And I have filed a restraining order to get you out, just tell Onay to stop pestering my life. Nelia didn’t comprehend and Helena leaves in disappointment yet with arrogance. 

Oliver’s mother says Oliver is bent on helping Maila? His father says, it was my decision to help Maila. Oliver’s mother argues and tells Oliver to tell his gold digger friend to leave him alone. Oliver leaves and she says, we are not done, Oliver. Lucas says, Emelda, we’ve got your point. Maria gives money to Onay. Maila receives a call from Sir Lucas. He tells him I have good news for you, Maila. Your grandma has been released from Jail. Maila tells Onay and Sali and they were happy to hear the good news. 

The police opened the cell gate and released Nelia, she tells her Mrs Montenegro has asked for her release. Her prison mates say goodbye to her. She moves out and sees Onay, Maila and Sali who welcomed her. They headed back home. At home Onay reveals the news to everyone that Sali is pregnant. They became very happy. 

The family reunited. Maila feeds Onay. Flashback shows moments in Maila’s childhood where Onay hits the spoon away when Maila tried feeding her, but this time she takes it happily. Maila was washing plates when Onay takes it to wash for her and tells her to rest. Onay expressed her love for Maila and she cried. Maila feels happy that she is not getting her mother’s love. 

At school, Nathalie’s friend says so this is Unknown murderer, you don’t have to worry, Nathalie. 

Maila says can you imagine, a murderer comes into your territory and you just have to move on? Her friend advises her to choose her battle, choose her choice and leave the enemy with no other choice. Maila is seen Oliver sitting under a tree. Nathalie sees them and says, this is Maila and Oliver, sitting under the tree, flirting. Her friend added. She tells her, well that’s the kind of battle that is worth fighting for. Oliver and Maila enjoy themselves. Oliver and Maila flirt as Nathalie looks on with feeling of jealousy written all over her body. Onay seems to have not forgotten Rosemary, nor Elvin, she still speaks about them at dinner. 

Lucas and his wife in the car. He asks, so do you want to have lunch in your favorite restaurant? She says no she is not interested. Lucas says there have been bad days recently, and it has to do with Maila, and Oliver is just frustrated, he asks her not to take it personally. His wife says, not with that girl beside him. They go to the school, where she says that Maila is a bad influence for their son, it’s not like she doesn’t want Oliver to befriend any other girl or Maila, but she just wants the best for her children. 

Nathalie’s friend says she can’t believe Oliver takes food from Maila that has no nutrition but is full of fats. Nathalie says it seems Maila has put a spell on him. She has used a love portion on Oliver and she will find the antidote to that. Oliver’s mother meets Maila, she says it’s the poser girl. She asks if Nathalie would like to prove herself to them? Lucas asks her to drop that issue and let them go but she said she is not leaving without her son. She tells Nathalie to take them to Oliver. Oliver is seen with Maila. His mother calls Oliver, stay away from her. Everybody looks on. Sali receives a call and it’s from Dante. Onay convinces herself to smile as she goes to look for Helena.

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