Nathalie Cries Like A Baby After Receiving Suspension Letter. The Way To Your Heart Monday, 28 March 2022

The episode begins with Onay and Nathalie arguing. Nathalie pushes her and goes. Maila and her friends come. She gets angry with Nathalie pushing her mother and scolds her. It resulted in a fight. Onay tells Maila not to fight her. Luis tells Nathalie what are they going to tell their mothers? Nathalie says can you just leave me alone? Luis suggested going to Mrs Gomez and accepting their fault so she lessen the punishment, but Nathalie says I will never do that. Luis says what if we say sorry to Maila. 

Mrs Gomez could temper justice with mercy. Nathalie says again that she will never do that. She will surely come up with a plan so Luis should give her time. She said am sure mommy will be coming to Mrs Gomez office. Just then they see their parents. Nathalie asks, mommy what are you doing here? Helena says well, am going to Mrs Gomez office to talk to her. Nathalie what have you done? Make sure you haven’t done something that will disappoint me.

 Agartha says pra it better be now what I think it is. Luis and Nathalie looks on. They go to Mrs Gomez office. She tells them about their suspension. Helena gets shocked and says, what? Suspension? Nathalie says mommy am sorry, Luis also said same. Helena said, I brought you to school to give you a good education, and what have you done? You are always a spoilt brat. Who do you think you are? Agartha says Mrs Gomez, is there something our daughter can do to make up for what they did? 

Mrs Gomez explains that what they did was a major offence and suspension is the penalty for that. Agartha says you know Mrs Gomez, I own a Charity foundation, I will make arrangements to donate to your school if you could do something about the suspension. Mrs Gomez said, am sorry ma, I may send a wrong message to the students. You daughters need to learn the lessons the hard way.

Agartha says I am very disappointed in you, Luis. Helena stood up to go. Nathalie held her hand and says, mommy let me explain. Helena says, you were not afraid to disappoint me, Nathalie. She leaves. Nathalie looks at Luis, she leaves. Agartha says, Mrs Gomez, we are deeply sorry for what happened. She also stood up and her daughter followed and they leave. 

Maila and her family met talking as they spoke about their suspension.  Nathalie goes to the washroom and asks the students there to leave. 

Her friend who has been giving her a bad idea comes to her. Nathalie says, take a good look at me. Are you happy now. She says, Nathalie, I actually came here to congratulate you for what you did with Maila. That was so creative. Nathalie says, yeah whatever, I still got suspended. Nathalie ask, where are you talking to? 

Aren’t we friends? She says, Nathalie, we shouldn’t be fighting you know. I hate Maila too, you both know that. I think we should form a club, Maila’s haters club. What do you think? Nathalie says look, I just want to forget her. She says really? you know, I know a place where we can have hang out so we solve our problems head on. What do you think? Nathalie smiles. 

They sit at a club chilling, Nathalie receives a call from her mother. Nathalie looks on and was about to receive it when Wendy say, well just ignore her Nathalie. Nathalie says but this is my mother, she will be disappointed in me. She says, Nathalie you have already disappointed her, and besides you are not going to school tomorrow, because you are suspended. Nathalie says it’s all because of Maila so I hate her.

If only there is a way I can get back at that witch, I swear. Wedny says, you know Nathalie? I actually have an idea. She says Nathalie just give me your phone. Nathalie asks for what? She says, just give me your phone. She takes the phone and starts dialing. Nathalie looks on. Wendy calls Oliver. She responded, hi Nathalie. She lied that this is the waitress and she is calling from Nathalie. 

She lied about the trouble and Oliver says, okay, I will be there. Nathalie asks, why did you do that? She says desperate measures goes for desperate times. All you need to do is to play the role of a drunk friend, you know what I mean? Nathalie says I will show him what he has been missing all these time. Helena calls Nathalie but she won’t answer. She says Nathalie, answer the phone, what’s happening to you? She feels restless. Linda brings her juice and she says, do you want to kill me? 

Oliver comes. Luis says you know what to do, and she goes. Nathalie acts drunk. Oliver asks to take her home. Oliver brings Nathalie home. Nathalie tries to throw herself on Oliver. She tried to seduc€ him but Oliver will not fall for that. Helena comes and tells Oliver, thank you for bringing her home, we will take it from here. Helena says, what are you doing with your life? 

First you get suspended and see how drunk you are. Nathalie says, mom, see how I got rejected by Oliver. He chose Maila over me. Helena scolds her saying she shouldn’t set her priorities straight. She should try to be better than her. Nathalie says, why should I be better than her, I just want to be me. Helena says, and you dare raise your voice at me? Nathalie says, am so sorry to disappoint you mom, but I am not like you. I did all of that to be better than Maila, you made me do that. She leaves. Helena calls but she wouldn’t mind her. 

Oliver at home, he receives a text and smiles, his mother says, don’t tell me it’s that Maila. Lucas went off after remembering his past. Emelda says you haven’t touched your food yet. Nathalie asleep. Helena asks her to wake up. Nathalie says mom, if I am suspended, then am suspended. Helena says we are going to school today to the guidance and counselor. Nathalie refuses. She says don’t you provoke me. 

Nathalie says, am not going to school and you can’t stop me. Helena slaps her. Nathalie says, would you feel good to slap me again? Helena feels restless. 

Nathalie meets her friend. She says, why does it feel like the whole universe is conspiring against me? She says chill girl, you know what? You need to stay until you cool things down with your mom. Nathalie receives a call from Wendy, she says how did it go with you and Oliver last night? She says can you believe he rejected me last night? She says that’s why we need to think of a plan to get back at Maila…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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