Helena Confesses The Truth. The Way To Your Heart Monday, 30 May 2022

The episode begins with Onay taunting Helena. Nelia gets worried and tries calling, but she wasn’t getting any response. Dante asks her not to get so worried. Soleng dials the number and calls Luise. She asks about Nathalie. Luise says she will try to call her and update her. She also tries Nathalie’s number. Onay is worried about her daughter and is crying and taunting Helena. Luise then receives a call. She picks it and it’s from Nathalie. 

She asks Luise, can you pick me up? She says why don’t you call aunty Helena? Nathalie says I won’t call her. Am mad at her. Luise asks her location and she gives it to her. She says I will meet you there. Nathalie is walking around and bumps something. 

The person says sorry. She turns and realizes it is Maila. She looks on. Maila gets shocked. Agartha calls Nathalie and asks what she is doing? She says I am getting my requirements for school. She asks are you sure you haven’t seen Nathalie? She says no mom, she hasn’t called me. She says I have to go mom, bye mom.. Agartha says take care.

Maila tells Nathalie to come home to Onay because she is looking for her. She says mother Onay? She is not my mom. Nathalie goes but Maila stops her. She says can’t you hear that I have nothing to do with you or aunty Onay. The fact that the DNA test proved it doesn’t mean I want to be part of your family. 

Maila tries to convince her. She says don’t try because it’s not going to work. Nathalie turns to go again and Maila calls Rosemary. She says what did you call me? Rosemary? She raised her hand to slap her but Maila held it. Nathalie says you stay away from me. Luise comes. Nathalie says what took you so long? She says sorry, it was a  traffic jam. She says can you imagine what happened?

I just bumped into Maila again. Luise asks what she says? Nathalie replies, as usual, that her mother is looking for me and all that. Luise says just forget about her. She says I just want to get away from this stress, all of this. Luise says sooner or later you will get away from all these problems. Nathalie says but I don’t want to think about it now. 

She was going when Helena met her. She says Nathalie. She looks on. Maila comes home. She informs everyone she saw Nathalie and what happened. She says Luise can you give us some privacy please? She excuses them. Nathalie asks, how did you find me? Helena says I have my eyes and ears, Nathalie. You can me, you are sick. She says I can’t handle this trauma anymore. 

Helena says I just didn’t know how to tell you. She cries and says, Onay wanted to take you. I took you because I wanted to give you a good life. When your father died. I was broken. And most importantly, I didn’t want to lose you. You are my only family. I lost my only son. I couldn’t bear losing you too. Nathalie cries. She says you understand? Nathalie says yes mommy, am sorry, sorry. 

She hugs Helena. She asks will you be going to Onay? Nathalie says no, mommy, I will always be with you. Maila also consoles Onay. Helena prepares food for Helena. She says I just missed the old days. Nathalie oh yeah mom, I always remember, you are always there for me. 

She says Nathalie, now that you know your true identity, I want us to be honest with each other. No more secrets. I promise. She says okay mom. She says and should you decide you want to leave me for Onay, let me know. Nathalie says ma, that’s not going to happen. She says what if she takes you away from me? Nathalie assures her she will never go to Onay. 

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