Nathalie & Friends Sets Onay And Nelia On Fire. The Way To Your Heart Monday, 4 April 2022

The episode begins with Onay asking if he is Oliver’s father? Maila says mom, this is Oliver’s father. Onay remembers the times she met with Lucas as he helped retrieve her bag for her. Lucas says that he came to apologize on behalf of Emelda for what she did to Maila. Oliver says so all this is a setup. Emelda says that’s what it is. Am setting you up with Nathalie because she is better than Maila. Emelda says, Oliver. He tells Nathalie to have a seat. He says okay, bye Nathalie and goes. Emelda calls him to come back here. Nathalie says well, I guess he still doesn’t like me. Emelda says he will come around himself. 

She sees Nathalie’s hand hurt and asks, what happened to your arm? She says that’s the doing of Maila’s grandmother. Emelda says well, you are always looking out for Oliver. Lucas is served food in Onay’s house. He had a talk with them about Maila and Oliver. He then asks to take his leave and goes. Lucas remembers his past incidents. Nathalie at home, she does the aid to her arm. Luis comes and says you see what happened to you by Maila’s grandma when you fought? Nathalie says a good thing, the sacrifice led to the approval of Oliver’s mom. Mother knows best. So now, once I get closer and am getting Oliver’s love. 

Helena comes back home. She hugged them and said, “Missed me? Nathalie says yes I miss you. She sees her arm and asks, what happened to your arm? What’s going on? Don’t tell me it’s one of the consequences of your fight with Maila. Nathalie looks on. Oliver goes to Maila that night and says he doesn’t know where this is leading, or what his mother is doing. Maila says he doesn’t know what to tell her mom if she asks. Oliver says, Maila. You don’t have to lie if there is nothing to oie about. Maila agres and he says you made me so happy. Onay comes and she says bye to Oliver. Onay tells her to give the phone to her so she speaks with Oliver.

Nathalie lies to Helena that she got the wound by a cat, and says don’t worry mommy, it’s just a scratch. Helena tells her to get vaccinated. Helena goes and Luis asks Nathalie, why do you have to lie to her? You should have told her you had the wound from your feud with Maila. Oliver tells his dad, are we gonna keep our relationship a secret? Lucas says secrets can eat you from the inside. He says I will tell mom, I promise. It’s just that I don’t have the right opportunity to tell her the truth. After their conversation, Oliver excuses him and goes. 

Oliver and Maila walking, he tells Maila, you don’t have to worry about my dad. Our secret is safe with him. I want mom to know that we are still together. Maila says we won’t have to be in a secret relationship. You have to tell your mom as soon as possible. Lucas comes to realization saying he is having a feeling that his victim was Onay. 

The Way To Your Heart Episode 57

The episode begins with Onay and Nelia in the market speaking about Nathalie and Maila. Wendy, Nathalie and Luis have an evil plan in mind. Wendy says what kind of plan is this Nathalie? You know what, I have a better plan suggestion. Natalie says shup up Wendy. Luis says we are not here to intentionally hurt them. Nathalie says Luis is Right. They cover up their faces and go to the market where Onay and Nelia are. Onay sees the people in black. She looks at them. They placed an explosive device at the market. They set fire to it and ran away. 

Suddenly the blast happened. Everybody runs for their dear lives. Attorney Lucas and his team meet and discuss Onay’s incident. He says she was r@ped 8years ago, we will have another meeting in her case. We will meet here tomorrow, I want everything on her case. 

They replied yes, attorney and went. His old friend comes to him and says, what? R@pe 8 years ago? Don’t tell me you are still following up with this case. The whole market is on fire. Luis says, Nathalie , what have we done? Wendy says this is more like it. This is what we call a prank. Nathalie says what will happen to Onay? She worries. They quickly leave from there. 

Lucas says I think I found her. The small person who happens to be my victim. 

Oliver and Maila sit and talk. He says I know what I can do, we can hire my dad as a lawyer if things don’t work out. Let’s give ourselves one week.  

Maila receives a call, she answers the call from her friend, Kiana who informs her about the fire in the market, with Onay and Nelia being trapped in the fire outbreak. Everybody runs from the market. Salia and Kiana worry. The fire engine and ambulance arrive. Dante brings Nelia and Onay out from the market building. The woman blames Onay for what happened. Onay tells Salia that she saw some three people in black who looked suspicious. Nelia says really? 

Dante is working at Helena’s residence, he wears a hat that makes him unrecognizable. Nathalie and Luis come and Nathalie says she is worried for them at the market. She doesn’t want anything to happen to them. She didn’t expect this to escalate. Luis says not even your enemies? She says of course not, not even my enemies. Who would have thought the fire would escalate. Dante hears their conversation. He coughs. Nathalie says excuse me, you look familiar. Dante gives excuses and goes. Dante follows them. 

Dante then goes to the area and informs Onay that it was Nathalie who caused the fire. 

Emelda and her family are dining, she says I don’t think Nathalie could do such a thing. Oliver says ma, trust me, you don’t know what Nathalie is capable of. Grace says so does it mean aunty Nathalie is bad? Emelda says no, unless someone is proven guilty, a conclusion cannot be drawn. Oliver says mom trusts me, she’s guilty. Lucas says how is Maila and her mother Onay? Oliver replies, they are good. Emelda says, wait, who is Onay again? Oliver says, Onay’s mother. How did they get to know about her too? Lucas says I went to say sorry to her for what happened to Maila. Emelda says what? You did what? Why would I apologize for that when Oliver is associating with the daughter of a criminal. 

Lucas receives a call. She was told that they have made the file about Mrs Montenegro ready. Officers arrived at Helena’s house to arrest Nathalie over the alleged fire outbreak she caused. Helena says what? I hope there are no casualties? Nathalie says mom, they are lying. I wasn’t even there. Helena asks if they have evidence that she was even involved? They inform her she is a suspect and needs her statement. They go. Helena scolds her. Nathalie says that was just a prank mom, it wasn’t intentional….Read more

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