Onay Sees Rosemary In Helena’s House. The Way To Your Heart Monday, 7 March 2022

The episode begins with Maila pushing Helena, she hits the wall. Helena gets shocked. Nathalie goes to her and says, am so sorry mommy, I didn’t mean to do that. Helena hugs her and says am also sorry, I scared you. I was just afraid to loose you. I don’t want to loose you. You matter to me more than anything in this world. It hurts me knowing you are going against me for someone else, I don’t want to loose you. Nathalie cries and says, I will not trade you for anyone in this world. Helena says you promise me that? 

Then prove to me, please Nathalie, prove. I know and I want what’s best for you. We will start all over, we will start on a clean sheet. We will start the best life that only I can give you, okay? Trust me. Soleng looks on. Onay looks at Elvin and Rosemary’s picture. She tells her Nelia and Sali about seeing Nathalie with Helena and feeling that she is Rosemary. She takes her bag to go and look for Helena to find out that truth. Maila and Oliver are outside when Onay passes by. Maila asks where she is going in such a hurry? She didn’t answer and tells her to look after her grandma. Onay gets into the tricycle and goes. They all get into Oliver’s car and follows. 

Helena is at home thinking about all her nightmares she had with Onay and recalled how her plans is gradually getting exposed. Flashback shows Helena running away with Rosemary. Helena lied that Rosemary is dead. She then sees Nathalie hugging Onay. Helena calls Agartha on phone that she needs her. Agartha asks if it’s about Nathalie? She tells her that little rat in my life, I can’t get rid of her. I want to get rid of her once and for all. Agartha says well, are you ready for the repercussions? 

Helena says I don’t know, am worried about Nathalie. I don’t know how she is going to take it. Agartha says, am on my way. Onay gets down. She sees Agartha and follows her. Nathalie tells Luis that mommy want to go to Europe. She asks did you try to convince her? Nathalie says I did but she always listen to herself. Luis says but you are in school. What prompted this decision of Helena? Nathalie says I don’t know, she acted really crazy seeing me with Onay. I don’t know. Luis says Onay is part of the biggest secret Helena is hiding from you. 

Maila and her family gets down and asks for Helena. They were told she is not there. Nathalie and Helena are dining when Helena ask, are you feeling better, Nathalie? Helena says Nathalie, whether you like it or not, we are leaving. Nathalie gets angry and goes. Helena says Nathalie come back here. Agartha calls Helena that she is at her gate. She tells Soleng to open the gate for her. 

She gets in. Onay follows and gets down at where Agartha packed her car. Nathalie is at the window when she saw Onay nearby. She said that is Onay, but what is she doing here? Agartha and Helena says this so the solution and finally I will get my piece of mind, then Onay can rest. Nathalie walks away, and Helena calls. They follow her. Nathalie opens the door and let Onay in. Helena sees and says, Nathalie, stay away from that creature. Onay taunts Helena, and she replies. 

Nathalie says, mommy, do you know her?? Onay reveals the secret about Rosemary Infront of Nathalie. Onay asks Helena, is Nathalie Rosemary? Nathalie says mommy, just tells us the truth. Helena lied. Onay says Nathalie is Rosemary. Helena says no she is not. Helena says, Nathalie is my surrogate child. Onay is shocked.

 She asks, Nathalie is your surrogate child? Helena says oh I forgot that you never attended high school. Surrogacy is when borrow another person’s womb and use that to have a child. Onay says you are lying. Helena says why will I lie about something so serious as having a child?

Helena tells Soleng to get the documents for her to show Onay, proof and evidences. Nelia tells Maila about Nathalie being Rosemary. Maila remembers all she has been through in the hands of Nathalie. Onay is given the documents. 

Flashback shows the moment Helena met a woman in the hospital, she says if anyone asks, I am your surrogate. She takes pictures with the woman who has the new born baby. Helena says, Nathalie was born a year after I went to France, that’s the evidence before you. Nathalie tells Onay, you could never be my mom. She goes to Helena as Onay cries. 

Helena says, there you are Onay. I told you the truth. Now leave, and leave us alone for good. Onay gives back the documents and goes. Helena says, that’s it, I’ve finally gotten rid of that little pest. Helena ask, ma, how come you gave your son Elvin to someone like her? Onay walsk thinking of Nathalie saying, you could never be my mom and what Helena said. Nathalie says, why didn’t you tell me about Rosemary? Helena says because I didn’t want to bring back the pain I experienced when your brother died. Nathalie says, am sorry mommy. She just brought you so much pain. Nathalie asks more questions when Helena says it’s okay, let not talk about her anymore. Helena then tells her about the transfer to another school. Nathalie says mom, I won’t see Luis and Oliver. Oliver? The guy you love? Nathalie says mom, he is a friend like Luis, I don’t want a transfer to anywhere, am staying where I am. 

Helena says you are changing school, whether you like it or not. Onay always comes to your school. She hates me, expecially now that she knows the truth. Nathalie says mommy, she’s just a little person what can she do to hurt me? Helena says believe me Nathalie, she can hurt you a lot and even hurt me more. Nathalie says mommy, am a big girl and I can take care of myself. Helena says you are not telling me everything, Nathalie. 

That Oliver boy, he’s not just you friend. Is he? Nathalie says, mommy, you know I like him. Helena says yes I do know you like him, and if he likes you back then there shouldn’t be any problem changing school. He should pursue you. That’s what boys do, as they should. Nathalie says but mommy I don’t want to change schools. Helena says you are grounded Nathalie. You stay home, read a book, watch movie, chill. She replies you are the one that needs chilling. And I forgot, you already have a cod heart. Helena goes. 

Onay sat on a log thinking of Rosemary when Maila comes to her and asks if she found out the truth. She tells Maila what happened. Nathalie is on the phone when Luis ask, so Maila is your niece? Nathalie says this is no joke Luis. She tells Luis, if she leaves the school, Maila will have a chance with Oliver. Onay gives the gifts she kept for Rosemary to Maila...Read more

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