Helena’s Evil Deeds Exposed. The Way To Your Heart Monday Pt1, 20 June 2022: Episode 136


The episode begins with Luise and her mother in a car. Agartha looks tense. Luise says mom, you look tense. Agartha says I feel worried for Helena. It’s easy for them to accuse her. Luise says mom, relax,.you are overreacting. Soleng comes to the hospital to visit Onay. 

She brings flowers to see Onay, and says it’s a farewell for Onay. But they say she can’t see her. Nelia takes the flowers and  dumps them. Helena calls Soleng and asks what happened. She tells her that Nelia dumped the flowers. Helena hangs up when Soleng starts talking a lot. 

Lucas and Maila go to Helena’s residence. The security guard stops Lucas’ car. Maila hides and Lucas shows his card to the security. As Helena and Agartha were at home talking about their evil deeds. Lucas and Maila bump in. Helena says you are both trespassing. Luise comes downstairs. Maila tells how Luise and Agartha came looking for her mother. 

Helena is shocked. Agartha says I told you don’t trap me and my daughter in this mess. Helena says Agartha, what is she talking about? Helena asks if it is true Agartha? Agartha says no Helena, how can you believe what she is saying? Dante and Nelia are with Onay. 

Agartha says Helena, it was a misunderstanding between Luise and I. 

Luise says that’s true aunty Helena. 

Maila scolds them. Luise says that’s the problem of eavesdropping. Nathalie comes and says what?  Are you behind what happened to aunty Onay? Onay’s hands starts moving. Nelia says Dante, Onay is moved. Call the doctor. Nathalie says is that true? 

Helena says of course not! Because I have a feud with Onay, I am blamed for everything, false accusations.  Maila says but I heard them saying. Helena says that’s hearsay. You should know better, Lucas, you are a lawyer, where is your evidence? Lucas says I know Helena, you have to accept the fact, you are the prime suspect, Helena. She asks Lucas and Maila out. Lucas says let’s go Maila, and they go. Helena is stunned as Nathalie stares at her. 

The doctor checks on Onay. Doctor says let’s see within 24hrs what happens. Nathalie comes out to Maila. Nathalie says why are you blaming mommy? She says look, I know mommy can do some many things, but to kill someone is something she will not do. Nathalie tells her you don’t know what you are capable of doing. 

They go. Nathalie tells Luise, I love me mommy, but it hurts me if anything bad happens to aunt Onay. Luise says am really sorry for what happened to Onay. Nathalie says if it’s true that Helena did that to Onay, I swear Luise, I swear to God, I will never forgive her. Helena hides and listens. Helena speaking with Agartha. Agartha says so Nathalie said that? 

Helena says yes, I heard it with my own two ears. Helena asks how come she heard their conversation. Agartha says believe me Helena, she was eavesdropping on my conversation with Luise. Agartha says I followed Luise to the hospital. Helena says what? You went to visit Onay? Agartha says believe me Helena, Luise told me she was visiting a friend, not knowing she was visiting Onay. Helena says Agartha, we have to be careful. 

Helena receives a call. It was from her goon. Agartha tells her not to answer. But Helena says no, Agartha, I have to protect our secret. She answers and tell him nobody should hear what happened to Onay. Nathalie hears her conversation and says are you done ma? Helena gets shocked. Nathalie says are you behind what happened to aunty Onay? So what Maila said was true? Nathalie says you did that to aunty Onay? Helena says no Nathalie! Nathalie says you hired Landor to kill aunty Onay? I need an answer. Nathalie says tell me the truth. They all look on.