Finally, Maila Is Found. The Way To Your Heart Monday Pt1, 27 June 2022


The episode begins with Lucas and Hector conversing about recent happenings and the demise of Dante at his funeral. Everyone looks on. Police come to Helena’s house. She says as I was I will handsomely reward anyone who recovers Maila Manktaya or anyone who provides information of her whereabouts. 

She is the sister of my dearest granddaughter Nathalie. They just lost a family member and they need to forget their loss. That will only happen if Maila is recovered. Police inform Helena of Maila being found and admitted at the hospital. They leave. Agartha looks on.

Onay, Lucas and Maila travelling alone in their car, the police call Onay and tell her about Maila being admitted at the hospital.  They are glad to hear the news. Helena calls her goons and scolds them for not doing the job well, and that Maila is alive. Maila is shown in the hospital. 

Goons goes to the hospital to finish her off. Lucas and Onay arrive at the hospital also and ask to see Maila. While they were with the police, Nathalie spots the goons, Onay points out to Lucas that it’s them who kidnapped her. They quickly took their heels as the chase followed. 

Onay and Nathalie go to the ward where Maila was lying. Natalie goes to her as she cries and kisses her, asking her to recover soon. Onay also cried for her to come back to join them. Lucas and the police chase the goon but lose him. Lucas’  friend, Vincent is shown at the hospital. 

Lucas loses the goons and goes back to Maila. Helena calls her goons and asks him if they have finished the job with Maila. Landor informs her of the presence of the police and how Onay identified him. Helena says well then runs away because I will kill the three of you. Soleng hides and listens. She confronts Helena, Helena scolds her telling her she lost two of her children because of Onay. 

Maila then gains consciousness. She tells of how she confronted Helena and she hit her down at the hospital, but she didn’t remember anything else until the moment she found herself in the river and struggled for her life, she managed to untie herself and called for help. Luckily, some fisherman heard her scream and rolled their boat and rescued her…Read more