Helena Learns The Secret About Lucas. The Way To Your Heart Monday Pt2, 11 July 2022


The episode begins with Helena extorting the secret from Vincent. Vincent in his intoxicated state spilled every information concerning Lucas and Onay. Vincent after telling Helena that Lucas’ first s3rkzsual experience was with Onay and it was actually Lucas who r@ped Onay. Vincent tells her this is a secret. Helena is shocked. 

Maila confronts Lucas after learning about what he did to Onay and tells her it was selfish of him to do such a thing. Maila says my mother was innocent and that you shouldn’t have done that to her. Lucas tries to pacify Maila. Helena asks what? Onay was r… She says it’s unbelievable! Can this really be true? She smiles. Maila scolds her father so much. She then leaves after speaking her mind to Lucas. 

Helena begins thinking, saying it was Lucas that r@ped Onay which led to the death. Flashback shows the moment Elvin crushed his car when chasing the r@pists. Maila called Oliver to tell him that she now knows the truth of who r@ped her mother that led to the demise of Elvin. Maila couldn’t spill the truth to him and hung up. She cries. Nelia comes to her room. Natalie says that tomorrow is going to be the happiest day because that is going to be the engagement. Lucas looks on. Kiana teases. 

Nelia tells Maila to tell whatever problem it is. She can tell her if it’s about Oliver. Maila hugs her as she pants her. Lucas hides behind the door and looks on as Onay sings praises to Onay. Onay sees him and calls him. Onay goes to Onay and says sorry to her. Onay asks what is that she is saying sorry for? Helena is finding it unable to control herself after learning the truth. Soleng goes to her with water and asks her to drink. Helena says Lucas is the reason behind the death of her son. 

Helena says what does he think? That he can Get away with it by doing good deeds? Lucas was about to tell Onay when Sali called her. Sali tells her she has given birth. Onay gets happy and congratulates her. Onay shows the picture to Lucas and then says sorry, you were saying something. Lucas tells her to forgive him. Onay says no one is perfect, whatever it is cannot come between them, he doesn’t need to say it if he doesn’t feel so. Maila gets angry at Lucas for not revealing the truth to her mother.

Vincent finally is awake. Helena comes to him and says Vince, for the second time, tell me if it’s true. Vincent asks, what? She says about what you told me. Vincent says well Helena, to be honest with you, I don’t know what you are talking about. Helena says well let me refresh your mind, that Lucas was the one who r@ped Onay and that Maila’s father is Lucas. Vincent is shocked. Helena says don’t try to deny it, just clear your mind. Vincent tells Helena you are making up stories. Helena says so you would rather prefer I confirm from Lucas? Vincent warns Helena…Read more