Onay Learns Nathalie Is Rosemary. The Way To Your Heart Monday Pt2, 23 May 2022

The episode begins with Dante getting shot in the legs. He managed to escape with Nelia. Onay gets shocked hearing the gunshot. The goons lost them. Onay cries telling Sali that they have to call the police. Maila and Kiana go to their friends’ birthday party. She met them and they wished her a happy birthday. Nelia tells Dante to hold on. She covers his legs with her handkerchief. 

Dante tells her to go but she says she can’t leave him there. Still Dante tells her to go and tell the truth to Onay that her daughter is Nathalie. Nelia says nothing will happen to him, they will get out of this. Nelia then leaves. She tells Nelia to go. She looks on. She finally gets out of sight. Dante felt so much pain. 

Nathalie and her friends follow Maila. As Nelia was escaping, she saw one of the goons and hid. He passes by. One of the goons catches up with Dante and taunts him. Nathalie comes to Maila and tells her that wearing a crown doesn’t make you a princess. Maila says she is a princess because she has Prince Charming. Nathalie gets offended. Friends cheer for Maila. Maila and Kiana then go. Nathalie says hey come here and was about following up but her friends says stop Nathalie, you are embarrassing yourself. The girl begs Nathalie not to spoil her birthday party for her. Nathalie says sure, happy birthday. She then looks on. 

Dante is held at gunpoint. Nelia comes to his rescue and hits the goon with a stick. She tells Dante they have to go but still he says he won’t go and begs Nelia to leave.They hug.  Nelia then leaves. Dante takes the gun of that goon who fell. Nelia runs out of the building. She goes to the road and stops a taxi. 

The henchman sees her. They got into their car and followed her. Nathalie deliberately pours food on Maila’s shirt and says sorry. The birthday girl asked Maila what happened and she said it was Nathalie who soiled her shirt. Nathalie said don’t put the blame on me, it was not deliberate. Chelsea said I told you already Nathalie, don’t ruin my birthday party. You can leave my house. But if you can promise me you will behave, I will allow you to stay. Nathalie sees Maila’s purse and takes it. Her friends looked on. Nathalie’s goons call her and say they failed the task. Helena calls them bl00dy fools and says why could they fail the task. She remembers what happened in the past and how she took Nathalie away. 

Soleng comes to Helena and begs her to tell Onay the truth. Helena says are you out of your m!nd? That secret is going with me to the grave. She looks on. Onay cries and gets worried for her mother. Nelia arrives home. The goons try to catch her. She fights with them. Lucas hears and says it’s Nelia. He goes out but the goons run away. Lucas tells them to wait, he is coming.

 He goes into his car and goes after them. There, Nelia tells Onay that her daughter Rosemary is alive. Onay gets shocked. Nelia explains to her that Rosemary is Nathalie. Everybody gets shocked. Nelia explains to Onay. Onay cries learning the truth. Nathalie says that Maila, I really hate her.  Louise tells Nathalie that we are outnumbered Nathalie, let’s just go home. Nathalie says no, I am not losing to that girl, do you understand?

 Louise says so now what concrete plan do you have? Wendy comes and says girls. You know what Nathalie, all you need is a little boost of confidence. She shows her a bottle of…

Louise says Nathalie, you are not drinking that. She replies, there is one thing Maila must know. I don’t go down without a fight. Onay cries remembering all that has happened. She remembers the moments she had with Nathalie….Read more

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