Dante’s Déåth Shatters Maila. The Way To Your Heart Monday Pt2, 27 June 2022

The episode begins with Maila going back home and hugging Nelia, Kiana and Sali. Kiana says welcome, bestie, you got us worried. Maila asks them where Dante is. There was a moment of silence, as no one felt to break the news. They all look on with sad faces. Maia asked again. Lucas asks Onay to tell Maila. 

Onay goes to Maila and breaks the news of Dante’s death to her. Maila couldn’t believe until Nelia added her voice that your grandpa Dante is no more, he was killed by Helena. Maila couldn’t hold back her tears, they flowed freely. Natalie says sorry to Maila. 

She scolds Natalie and says sorry? All you are saying is sorry? Will sorry bring him back? And blames Natalie for all that is happening. Maila goes to his grave and sings and to mourn his death. Flashback shows the moment Maila spent with Dante as child till now that she is of age.

Maila cries as everyone looks on. Natalie goes to Maila and consoles her. But still Maila avenged her anger on Natalie. She pushed her. Lucas and Onay go to stop her. Maila quarrels with Natalie. When it becomes unbearable, Lucas asks Onay to go with Natalie and he comforts Maila. Onay as well speaks with Natalie. 

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