Lucas Strikes Helena With A Lawsuit. The Way To Your Heart Monday Pt2, 30 May 2022

The episode begins with Lucas going to see the magistrate and filing a court case. 

Onay gets happy after she heard the good news from Lucas about the lawsuit against Helena. She says very soon, Helena will pay for her crimes. Onay thanks Lucas for all he has done for her and their entire family. Helena comes downstairs. She says it’s been days I haven’t heard from Onay. Nathalie says mom, just forget about them.  Maybe they’ve come to realize they can never win and have quit. She says don’t waste your energy on them. Nathalie says let’s go fast to watch the movies.  

As Helena was going out. Someone comes to her that she is looking for Mrs. Helena Montenegro. It was summoned from the court. Helena says it’s summons from the court. Nathalie asks but why? She says it was from Nelia and Onay. She goes back and says how come that Onay go against me. How did this happen? Nathalie says mom, calm down. Helena says I am sure it’s Lucas. She says I am worried. If she puts me in jail, then? Nathalie says I won’t let her do that mom, okay? I will always stand by you. 

Nathalie gets angry. She goes to Lucas’ house and starts shouting Onay’s name. Lucas gets out. She says I’m not looking for you. Am looking for Aunty Onay. Onay get out. She says let’s go inside so you can have a sandwich and juice. She says I’m not here for sandwiches and juice. She taunts her. Maila says Rosemary, it’s mom, you are talking to.

 She says what mom? She says she will never be my mom. Onay tries to convince but she says, I told you already, you are not, and you can never be my mom. Lucas says Nathalie, I showed you the DNA test. She says you can always cheat on the test. Onay asks her why is she doing that? She says because you are a mosquito buzzing in my ears. Nathalie cries that Onay is trying to take her away from her mom. 

Maila scolds her for talking to mom like that. Helena calls Luise and asks, where is Nathalie? Luise says he doesn’t know. She says then call me as soon as you find out. Helena speaks with her lawyer who says we can argue that the DNA test was rigged, therefore, they have no right to sue you. She says add it that my daughter was pressured. She was forced to take the test, Okay? Maila and Nathalie fight. Nathalie still stood her ground that she is not her daughter. 

Onay cries. Maila hugs her. Helena asks the lawyer, what about this? He says I will take that. Helena says good, I wanna rest seeing Onay in court. Attorney says consider it done. Nathalie comes home. She says Nathalie for heaven’s sake, the next time you do this, just tell me before. She says mom, I told you, you are not going to lose me.. Helena asks, where did you go?

 She says to aunty Onay, I went to warn her and tell her that she can never be my mom. Helena asks if you went to Onay? Nathalie says yes mom. Helena asks what if she takes you to God knows where? She says ma, they wouldn’t do that, you’ll never lose me, I promise. She says you don’t know what they are capable of. Please Nathalie, don’t do this again. If you see her coming, runaway. Please, I am doing everything I can, don’t jeopardize your chances. She says yes ma and they hug. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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