Onay Meets Helena & Rosemary. The Way To Your Heart Thursday, 10 February 2022

Onay and Salia are in the market enjoying their fruit juice, while Onay was still talking about Rosemary. Onay sees someone on the phone behind her car and mentions her name, Helena. Salia asks what, and she said she is having a feeling that the woman there is Helena. Onay goes back home. Maila speaks about her adventures with Natalie. Oliver and Nathalie go on a date. 

Oliver thanks her for going on this date with him. Nathalie also thanks him for inviting her, as she was expecting it. Oliver said because of school and studies, he doesn’t go on dates, but Nathalie is an exception. He couldn’t get her out of her head after watching her video. He said I have to make this clear. Nathalie asks, really? He says and honestly when you were singing, you sounded so honest. 

They were speaking when Oliver and his parents entered the restaurant. His mother calls him, he asks what they are doing there and she replies they are just coming from the bank and thought to pass by and have coffee. He hugs his father and tells them he would like to introduce someone, and asks them to meet Nathalie. Nathalie greeted them. His mother asks if they would like to join them. His father said, Nathalie has the potential. And Oliver added that and she also has a lovely voice. 

His mother asks if she would like to sing for them to hear, but she said she is sorry, not today but some other time. Oliver tells her, next time then. Maila is at home washing her clothes when she gets a call from Nathalie. She asks for Maila’s help if she would like to come and meet her. There has been a situation right now and she wants to upload a video to social media right now. Maila says she will be coming but is busy right now. 

Nathalie agrees she will come to Maila’s house for the section.  Nathalie and his mother are in the car, when Helena asks where is this place? The place looks filthy. She says let’s hurry up then. Maila tells Onay that Nathalie is coming home to meet her. Nathalie and Helena arrives there. She gets down from the car with Helena. She calls her to meet her.

 Onay offers to go with her. Helena was feeling uneasy and said your friend is taking too long, this place stinks. She starts having a nose bleed. She gets her into the car and asks her to lay down. Onay and Maila arrive and she asks where is your mother? She tells him she is having a nose bleed so is in the car. And this is not the first time she has been suffering from that. 

They move back into the car without Helena seeing them and without Onay seeing Helena. Maila gives Nathalie the book. She thanked her and said she is the best. Onay asked her to have something to eat but she said her mother is not feeling well so she would have to go. She thanks Onay and goes downstairs with Maila. Nathalie gets into her car and they go. Helena tells her not to bring her to such a place again. 

Nathalie and Helena arrive home. Nathalie asks her to check the book. She says, Nathalie, I have to wash myself after coming back from that place. There was so much virus that caused my nose to bleed. Nathalie said it’s nothing and she would have to meet Maila’s mother. She tells her she is not going back to that God forsaken place again.

How can she be going to such a place? Nathalie replies that she doesn’t really like it but because of Maila she has to go there. For what? She asks. She replies, for my vlogs and school stuff. Onay goes to bed thinking of her past with Oliver and Rosemary. Maila enters with her guitar and says she would like to sing for her. She starts singing as Onay listens…Read more 

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