Helena Is Busted. The Way To Your Heart Thursday, 17 February 2022

The episode begins with Onay not seeing Helena and coming back home. They did a net search on Helena. Onay goes to Dante who was outside and they had a chat together. After, Dante escorted her to the room. Maila and her friend arrive home. Maila’s friend bids her goodbye and goes. Maila changes her school wear and goes to Onay in her room. She wanted to have a moment with her mother but Onay was busy hugging Rosemary’s picture and having memories of her. 

She said nothing is more important to her than getting Rosemary back. Maila leaves feeling sad. Onay is thinking about Elvin. Elvin comes and lies behind her. He opens her eyes and sees him. She said, “Are you here? Elvin tells him her plight and Elvin comforts her. Elvin kissed her forehead as she went to sleep. 

Onay wakes up the next morning and looks for him but couldn’t see him. It was her imagination. Her mother comes to her. She tells her she has seen Elvin and has hope that she will soon see Rosemary. 

Maila tells her friend about the Rosemary issue. As they were speaking, Nathalie comes between them and hits Maila. She pours food on her. Her uniform gets soiled.

Dante and Onay go to book an appointment. Onay sees Helena’s friend Alice. She taps Dante to look at her, by the time he gives her the attention, Alice has entered her car and drove off. They stop a taxi and chase after her. 

Nathalie jokingly tells Maila that she is sorry. Maila taunts her. They had a quarrel. Maila’s friend taunts her. Nathalie scolds Maila for being desperate to get Oliver. Maila tells her friend and they go. 

Madam tells Maila, we will have a teachers day and we are going to have a simple program. We want you to be part of it. Is that okay with you? Maila asks me? Madam says yes, after hearing your voice on the foundation day, you have a sweet singing voice. Maila’s friend says yes, yes, that’s good, Maila will be coming. 

Maila stood in silence. Madam says I will take that as a yes, I will be expecting you. Maila asks her friend why did she accept? She tells her, Maila it is your time to shine and beat Natalie, she mimics Nathalie’s voice. Nothing was making a bad plan against Maila and her friend asks, how can you do that? She says, I don’t know. She sees her enemy friend. Alice arrives and says I have something for Helena Montenegro. 

She asks her to follow her. Dante and Onay arrive there. The other people waiting are taken to Helena. Onay looks on. Onay sneaks in and sees Helena sitting with Alice. She says, Helena. Where is Rosemary? Helena looks shocked. Helena looks shocked. Helena asks that they take her through the backdoor. Helena goes and Onay chases her. 

Helena and Alice get into a car. Onay catches them. They push her down. They drove off. Onay screams Helena’s name. Dante comes and asks where Onay is. The woman says she hasn’t seen her. He goes out to look for her. Onay stops a truck and asks the driver’s help to catch Helena. The driver drives off. 

Helan was tense after seeing her. She complained. She tells her she knows she will hunt her nightmare also. Her friend asks, what’s your plan now? She tells her you have to do something to make her stop pestering you. She asks, like what? Madam pastes an announcement on the notice board that Maila will be performing as a singer on the teachers day. 

Nathalie and her friends go to the notice board and see it. Her friend said, I told you, Maila will be performing on teacher’s day. Nathalie tears the notice. She said, you just wait and see. She threatens. Dante sees Onay sitting there and crying. He goes to her and asks what happened? She tells him how she saw Helena but she went away before her nose. 

Onay cries and Dante comforts her. She tells him they should report to the police. They head to the police station, and Onay reports her case. The police ask for her address. Onay and Dante go back home, and discuss the matter with her mother. Her mother asks her to stop thinking as everything will be fine. Onay cries that Helena has taken Rosemary. 

The episode continues with Onay remembering all what Helena made her go through in the past years when she was at Elvin’s house. Maila hides and listens to their conversation. She became sad. Onay still has Elvin’s picture in hand. Helena comes home feeling tense. She sees Nathalie and gets tensed. She saw it was Nathalie and said Oh Nathalie, Nathalie said sorry mommy. She tells her I just had a bad day and I want to go and freshen up. She kissed them goodnight. Nathalie speaks something into her friend’s ear to make sure that Maila doesn’t have a good program. She tells her to leave everything to her. Maila gives the letter to her Grandma about the upcoming program. They also ponder over the Rosemary issue. Onay is sleeping when Maila comes and speaks to her. Onay holds her hand thinking it is Rosemary and tells her not to leave her. Maila cries. 

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