Nathalie Is Caught & Suspended For Defaming Maila. The Way To Your Heart Thursday, 24 March 2022

The episode begins with Onay calling out to Lucas so she can give his documents which have fallen down to him. But he leaves and Onay gives the documents to a security man to give to him. Students gather around stickers they saw which depicts Maila being the daughter of a r@pist.

Maila comes there and sees her photos with the same humiliating information pasted on the walls and on the school cupboards. Lucas goes to the school and he meets Oliver. Lucas gives the documents to Oliver and he mentions Maila.

 Lucas asks if there is any problem? Oliver says no, the security brings the papers which have fallen down and he thanks him and places it in the folder. 

Some two students were making recording videos of their project. They leave their camera behind, Nathalie and Luis sits there and they talk about what they have done to Maila as the camera captures the without them knowing.

Nathalie and Luis converse with Luis applauding her for the efforts she put up to expose Maila. Nathalie replies, not such effort on my part, I just laid the guy to do the dirty job for me. Kiana comes looking for Maila. Oliver also comes there. Maila cried and tore the papers that spoke ill of her. The students made fun of her. Maila taunts them all. Oliver beat the guy who spoke ill about her. 

Maila comes out of the washroom. Nathalie and Luis meet her. She asks, hell Maila, you don’t look well, are you okay? Maila scolds her. Nathalie said she knows she did that video to spoil the leadership award ceremony and her image. Nathalie denies saying she can’t say anything about her without proof. Oliver comes and taunts Nathalie saying does Maila deserve to be treated that way because of her father? Nathalie says, is not what I meant. 

Oliver ask, should we judge people on a daily basis? Oliver says the person who did(referring to the one who framed Maila and disgraced her at the awards ceremony) that to Maila is being judgmental, immature and a coward. Nathalie feels offended. Nathalie leaves and Maila says she just needs witnesses to testify that Nathalie did that. 

Oliver says, Maila, I can help you. They go, Oliver asks a Andre if she saw the one who pasted those posters about Maila? She replies that she doesn’t know. Oliver says if they could get CCTV footage, that will be used. Maila asks the security if he saw someone doing that? He replies no and they all look. Oliver has memory flashes about what happened that awful night. He googled about small person’s r@pe victims if he could see what his victim was. 

Luis helps Nathalie with her dress and says you look good. She says, I don’t understand what Oliver is trying to do. Luis says he is trying to catch you. Nathalie says he tried but failed, you know, I don’t get him, after all was exposed about Maila, he is still close with her. Luis says you should worry about what he will do if he finds out who posted the flyers in the hallway. 

As they were conversing, Helena came there. Helena tells Luis, your mom is waiting for you downstairs. He says bye to Nathalie and goes. Helena says, so what is this I just heard you discussing with Luis? What’s going on Nathalie? Nathalie says, mom it’s nothing, it’s just a joke. Helena says you have to make sure you don’t get into trouble. She says goodnight to her and goes.  

Oliver goes to her Schoolmates who were shooting videos for their projects. He asked to check the videos. He checks and sees Nathalie and Luis talking about how they framed Maila and also how they planted the posters. Oliver gets shocked. Dante comes and meets Nelia and Salia. They hug and Nelia asks how can you just disappear? 

Teacher gives a project to the students. Oliver comes and tells Maila and Kiana, come on Nathalie, you have to see this.

 I have gotten evidence that what happened at the ceremony was planned by Maila. Oliver and Maila go to report, Luis and Nathalie are called to the office. Mrs Gomez puts the charge before Nathalie and Luis and says, what happened at the ceremony targeting Maila’s background and her father as a r@pist was planned by Nathalie and Luis? Luis answers, Mrs Gomez we will never do that. Nathalie also denies. Mrs Gomez says really? 

And how are you going to explain this? She shows the video to them. They want their own confession on the video and they get shocked. Nathalie still denied and says I can never do that, am sure the Audi was farmed. Maila says you are still denying after the evidence is before you? Oliver tells Nathalie this is an original video without cuts and Mrs Gomez can testify to that. 

She says Nathalie, I asked the technician and he confessed you paid him on two occasions, one is to set up that video and another is about the posters. Nathalie still denied. Mrs Gomez says, you are blatantly lying in my face. Nathalie, I am so disappointed with your behavior, and Luis, you had the chance to be honest. I will call your parents and inform them about your suspension. They all look on. 

Kiana tells Onay about the evidence against Maila and the punishment awaiting them from Mrs Gomez. She asks who Mrs Gomez is. Kiana tells her the Guidance and Counseling madam. 

Nathalie begs Mrs Gomez, but she says Nathalie, you know the consequences of your behavior. Nathalie sparks on Maila and says she hates her. 

Mrs Gomez tells her she can escalate her permission and recommend her expulsion if she misbehaves. Nathalie says please mom, what am I going to tell my mom? Mrs Gomez sacked her and Luis from her office. 

Mrs Gomez calls Helena and asks to meet her in her office together with Luis’ mom. Helena asks what’s the matter with Nathalie? I can be in your office right now. And Luis’ mom is with me. Agartha asks, who was that? Helena replies, the guidance and counselor. She wants to meet us.

 Helena tells the driver to head to the school. She says I just had a bad feeling about this. 

Luis blames Nathalie and says what am I going to tell my mom? She receives a call from her mother. Nathalie can you just leave me alone? Luis leaves. Onay comes to Nathalie. She asks what is wrong with you that you are crying? She replies, are you okay? Why do you always ask stupid questions?  She then tells Onay what happened. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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