Nathalie’s Plans BackFires. The Way To Your Heart Thursday, 28 April 2022: Episode 79

The episode begins with Oliver bumping into Kiana. He says sorry and asks, Kiana, have you seen Maila? She says I thought she was with you? Oliver says to Kiana I haven’t seen Maila since I brought her to your room. She says there was a note from you. Oliver says I didn’t give any note. Maila is seen on the boat. She removes the blindfold and sees herself in the midst of Nathalie and her friends. She gets shocked. Nathalie says surprised? Flashback shows the moment Nathalie was telling her friends that this note will do the trick. Luis says guys let’s go before it’s too late. They go to the woman and tell her they want to surprise their friend. Flashback ends. 

Nathalie says do you really think I will leave Oliver for you? Maila says but we ate in love. Wendy says what is love? Maila scolds Nathalie, she says relax Maila, I haven’t even started. She goes near Maila. Luise asks her to be careful but she shouts, shut up Luis I don’t care. Nathalie tells Maila, jump in, go swim with the sharks. I hate you. Maila and Nathalie fight, Nathalie’s friends get into the fight. They all fight for the steering wheel.

 The boat catches fire and they all jump in the boat. Oliver to the woman and asks have you seen Maila? He shows the picture. She tells him that she was seen in the speedboat. They are seen in the water, even in the boat, they were fighting. Oliver comes with the rescue team. He jumps into the water to rescue them. He gets to Maila. Nathalie calls out to Oliver to help her. The girls started drowning.

 Onay in the market felt worried for Maila sensing that something bad might happen. They all cheer her up. Luise and Wendy get saved but Maila and Nathalie get lost. They tell Oliver to go and save Nathalie. Oliver says we have to find them both. They started searching for them but they were nowhere to be found. Maila and Nathalie are seen offshore. Maila is still alive. She wakes up and calls Nathalie. She goes to her. Nathalie started coughing. Nathalie says what’s this place? Nathalie shouts and says is anyone here?

Agartha tells Helena, the foundation is having an anniversary next week, I am thinking… Helena was busy with her phone, she called Nathalie but it was unreachable. Agartha says hey, are you listening? Helena says am sorry, what were you saying? Agartha says you are distracted. She replies, no because I have been trying to call Nathalie but it’s not going through. Agartha says there is nothing to worry about, they are in safe hands. 

 She says I hope so. Nathalie and Maila continue shouting for help. After searching and not finding them, Oliver says we have to go back okay, we cannot find them on our own, we have to ask for help. Maila says Nathalie, we have to rest here, she says no, we have to look for help, someone is going to rescue me.

 She says this is all your fault. Maila scolds her. She pushes her. Oliver goes to the madam and says we did all we could but didn’t find them. She turns to Wendy and Luise and says I will deal with you later, I just have to inform your parents, this is not happening. The madam calls Onay and informs her what had happened. Onay gets shocked. Nathalie and Maila fight. 

Oliver informs Kiana for what happened. He says I tried to save Maila but couldn’t. Kiana worries, Oliver says it’s okay, the coast guard are looking for them. It’s my fault I couldn’t save her, I tried to save her but still… Kiara says don’t blame yourself, it’s all because of Nathalie and her friends. Maila writes SOS on the floor as a way to call out for help. She sleeps. Nathalie tries to run away but gets caught. Maila asks what are you doing Nathalie? She says none of your business and goes into the woods. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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