Maila Finds Love With Her Crush. The Way To Your Heart Thursday, 3 February 2022

The episode begins with Maila and her friends in school. They were making rounds towards the basketball field when a basketball hit Maila. She was about to faint when one of the boys came to her and held her in his arms. They had an eye lock before she finally collapsed in his arms. He asked the other students to call for help that there had been an accident. 

Maila is sitting with Salia when she takes the photo album containing photos of her and Elvin and they stare at it and play. Maila is laid on a bed and the boy who took her in asks if she is okay, and says sorry for what happened. He happens to be the boy who hit her with a ball. 

Maila opens her eyes and sees him bending over her. They look at each other. 

Meanwhile earlier that day Onay has warned her about mingling with boys and the need for her to concentrate on her studies and to bring scholarship home. She kicks the boy, and asks to leave. She takes her bags and leaves from there refusing to mention her name to him.  But she forgot to take her phone. The boy sees it and picks it up.

Helena is seen at the grand opening of a  business with a  party. Her presence was acknowledged  as the major investor in the business. She said thanks to everyone for being honored on such an occasion. Her daughter tells her this is like a dream come true, and said I love you more, she also said I love you too. They toast to their new business achievement. 

Maila is speaking with her friend down the road. She searches for her phone and realizes she has misplaced it. She called on her phone and they met and answered the call. She tells the person on the other side that she is Maila and she has misplaced her phone. The boy said so your name is Maila? And mentions his name that he is Oliver. She hangs up and tells her friend that it was Oliver who had picked up the phone. She teases her at the mention of Oliver. 

Onay hasn’t yet forgotten about Rosemary. She goes through her childhood belongings and thinks of her. Their childhood moments are shown. Natalie is seen on the phone, she was talking to Helena and said mom, I will be fine, I am just looking for someone who can change my tire. It appears she was having a flat tire. Oliver calls Maila’s friend’s phone. She gives it to her to talk with him but she wouldn’t do it. 

She asks her friend to tell him to bring her phone to her. A thief sees Natalie and struggles with her for her bag. Maila sees this and goes to help her. The thief pulls a knife on Natalie. Maila kicks him from behind and the bag falls. He cuts her with the knife. Maila and Natie beat him. He chases them and they go to hide. The thief leaves. Natalie said this is so intense. She takes out her to take a selfie of herself and asks Maila her name, she replies her name is Maila and she also mentioned her name as Natalie. Maila what she is doing and she said she is recording video for her vlog, for social media. 

Natalie sees her bleeding and does the first aid to her. After the aid, Maila was about to leave. Natalie offers to give her money, but she refuses saying she is okay. She said she might need money for a new pair of shoes but Maila still insisted there was no need. 

Natalie thanked her and said goodbye to her. Maila was walking with her friend who was disturbing her with words about Oliver. She comes across Onay who scolds her and embarrasses her Infront of everyone there. She said sorry, but Onay said the only language she hears is sorry, everyday sorry. Natalie goes home. Helena asks her if she is okay? 

She told her about the girl who risked her life to save her. Helena said it could be a distraction and asked if everything in her bag is intact as the person who helped her did so to gain something. But Natalie said she didn’t think so. She tells her that this girl looks poor. Flashback shows the moment where Elvin introduced Onay to her mother as his wife. She speaks ill of Onay, when Natalie asks who she was and inquired to learn more,  Helena doesn’t answer and asks her to be careful. Madam Soleng looks on. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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