Finally, Helena Sees Nathalie With Onay. The Way To Your Heart Thursday, 3 March 2022

The episode begins with Nathalie saying mom, it’s family day next week, it’s a public and you hate public gatherings and events, I wanted to ask if you will be there? Helena says no, I have to be there. Nathalie then asks, you are going to be there? Helena says of course I will grow with you, I have to. Nathalie asks and what about your meetings and appointments? She replies, I can always cancel appointments over family matters, that’s always important. 

The family day begins in the school, Maila’s family except Onay were present at the ceremony. They talk and converse, with Maila wondering if Onay will come. Suddenly she shows up. Maila goes and hugs her. Oliver’s parents are also present. Lover stares at Maila. Nathalie’s friend says, I think Oliver really like Maila. Agartha comes and wishes them happy family’s day.

 Nathalie asks where Helena is? Agartha says she has a very important meeting today that she has attended. Nathalie feels disappointed. She says but she agreed to come by cancelling all meetings? Agartha says yes, but some very important meeting came up which hse has to attend. Agartha asks if she would like to join them at dining? She says no she is okay.

 Louis and her mother leave. Nathalie stares at Oliver. Helena in the car, tells the driver to drive fast because she is getting late for the meeting. Her phone rang. The driver tells her she has received a lot of calls. She checked and it was 18 missed calls from Nathalie. She says, oh no Nathalie and remembers her promise to her that she will cancel family meetings and join her. She tells the driver to drive to Nathalie’s school.

Announcement for the celebration begins. Onay goes to sit behind Nathalie. Nelia asks if she has Onay? Maila calls her but didn’t see her. Onay asks Nathalie where are her parents? She says they didn’t show up. Sali and Maila sees Onay. Sali taunted her. Onay then stood up to go, and Nathalie asks if she could come with them? Onay nodded. Maila holds Nathalie and Maila’s hands and take them along. 

The family day games begins. Nathalie runs and gives the flag to Onay. She run and fall. Everyone bget shocked. Maila and Nathalie picks her up and helped her finish the race. Everybody congratulates her. Nathalie feels lonely and goes. Onay looks for her. She goes to her and asks what is wrong? She replied, it’s about her mother not coming. Onay’s says she is there for her. 

Helena comes there and sees Nathalie with Onay. She says Oh My God! Onay with Nathalie? She leaves. Helena hides and looks on. She says no, this can’t be. I have to do something. She goes from there. Nathalie receives a call. She checks and it’s from Helena. She answers and Helena tells her she is there. 

She tells Onay she is going to meet her mom. Oliver introduces her sister to Maila. Her sister says you are so pretty. Nathalie meets Helena who tells her she is sorry she didn’t come early, she had so much to do at home. 

Helena tells her didn’t she warn her to stay away from little people? Helena tells her she is taking her home. Nathalie didn’t listen to her and went. Helena is on the call when she hits Nelia. Nelia asks her, what are you doing here? The episode ends. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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