Onay Finally Get Justice After 18rs. The Way To Your Heart Thursday, 7 April 2022

Oliver says mom, please come down. She wants again. Stay Away from my son daughter of a criminal. Lucas gets angry and was about to hit her when Oliver stops him. Emelda says how dare you? What? You are going to hit me because of this thing? Oliver says, mom everyone is looking now. Please. Oliver says mom, let go home now please. Students look on. Lucas says sorry to Maila and says it’s becoming unbecoming. Lucas gets her into his car and they go. Helena and Nathalie in the car.

 Helena says you won’t believe it, but my car went up in flames. Nathalie shouts, what! Who did that? She says I don’t know but I have a feeling Onay and Nelia are behind this. Onay and Nelia follows the car. The car stops at a place and they go near. Onay remembers what happened that night. The boy gets down from the car and calls his dad.

 Onay goes near and asks, whose car is this? He says it’s my dad’s car. Lucas gets to Maila’s house. She takes her picture and looks at it. Maila offers him tea and they sit to talk. The boy’s father comes out. Onay asks questions about the vehicle. They said they bought the vehicle 3 years ago. Onay asks many questions including proof of purchase. They gave her the papers that shows the vehicle was sold. Lucas friend who is going to be a governor is in his office when a friend comes in, he says you are soon going to become a governor so what’s the worry? 

He says that’s not what am worried about. He remembers Lucas telling him, I think I found her. Helena at Onay’s house. She shouts Nelia’s name. Lucas asks who is that? Maila says seems like Helena. Onay and Nelia comes and meet Helena and Nathalie there. Helena says am going to charge you with assin. Onay asks what? She says yes, you and all your family. 

Lucas and Maila comes out. Lucas asks what’s going on here? Helena says attorney Lucas. Nathalie too says attorney Lucas what are you doing here? He says I went to pick Maila from school. He tells Helena you need evidenyto fine a case for defamation. Nathalie says mom, common let’s go. Helena says you will be hearing from my lawyers. She goes. Nelia thanks the attorney. Oliver looks at her mom. She asks what? You are just gonna stare at me? She says Oliver he’s not even your real father. Oliver says he’s been a better parent to me than you have mom. 

Emelda asks, who did you say? She says is that what you are telling me? Oliver says mom am sorry, I don’t wanna be disrespectful to you, I love you. You are hurting Maila and I can’t take it any longer. Why can’t you let us he happy? She is the girl I chose to love. Emelda says shh, I don’t wanna hear it anymore. She goes. Oliver looks on. Nathalie and Helena gets home. Nathalie asks, so what now ma? Are we going to give up just like that? They burned your car. Helena says and you destroyed their livelihood because of your childish, stupid pranks. Nathalie looks on.  

The Way To Your Heart Episode 61

The episode begins with Lucas’s friend remembering what they did to Onay and how this past incident has began troubling him too, or has put his succession to the governor seat and his reputation at stake. He says I won’t let Lucas ruin my plans. He takes his phone and calls Lucas and asks that he meet with him so they have an important conversation. Lucas then meets with him. Onay and Salia in the car tracking the address of the car that the r@pists used. 

He sees the guy come out of the house. Onay sees him and he looks familiar. He remembers the incident and says he looks like he is part of them. They followed him, and he went to his boss, who is Lucas’ friend. At that time, Lucas was also with his friend. Onay and Salia saw the car packed outside and followed him to the bar. They worried about not seeing him. He went to sit with his boss and Lucas. 

Onay walks through the people and they see them. She hits the bartender and the drink falls. As they were gathering up the mess, Lucas and her friends seed them and they vanish from their seats. Onay and Salia gets to check and they were nowhere to be found. Onay asks Salia to hurry so they follow them, but they came out and they were gone. Nathalie says I can’t believe that attorney Lucas was with Onay. 

Helena then tells her attorney Silver to do everything so that Nelia and her family pay for what they did. He says I will do my best Mrs. Montenegro. Lucas and friends wonders how come Onay is following them. They sit to make plans on what to do. Lucas didn’t give them his consents. He recalls all that had happened and how this truth will shake up everyone. He looks lost and his friend asks what is it? 

His friend says he will be running for governor and his position is at stake right now. Onay and Salia goes to the police station to report his case. The police shows her an image of her 20 years back case where she was left somewhere by the r@pists. She cries and remembers how she lost Elvin due to this. Salia comforts her. The policewoman gives her water and asks her to take heart. Salia asks her to asks Sir Lucas for help. 

The police comes to the house of the guy Onay saw as being part of the r@pists whose legal name is Emmanuel Cruise. They served him papers of his arrest warrant for abduction, r@pe and causing physical injury. He looks at his boss. Maila is sitting alone at school when Sir Lucas comes to her and asks of Oliver. Maila tells Lucas about Emmanuel Cruise being a suspect in her mother’s case. Lucas gets shocked… Read more

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