Louise Exposes Helena & Nathalie’s Plans Against Onay. The Way To Your Heart Thursday, 9 June 2022

The episode begins with Nathalie and Luise moving downtown, Helena stops her car and calls Nathalie. She runs to her and hugs. Helena sees the bruises on Nathalie’s hands, and she asks, Nathalie, what happened? What have they done to you? Maila feels lonely in the living room. Lucas goes to her and gives her first aid to her bruises. Lucas speaks softly with her. 

Helena sits Nathalie in her car. Agartha says you can have a moment with her, we will be walking around. Helena asks Nathalie, so tell me, what happened to your arm? Did you fight Maila? She says yes, but don’t worry, I will teach her a lesson. Helena says food for you. She tells Helena about Neli slapping her. Hena says what? Why didn’t you tell me this?

 She gossips about all the recent happenings to Helena and says Lucas is very protective of Maila. She tells Helena, even if we are apart ma, my heart stays close to you. Helena says the same here. They hug. 

Lucas comes to him family and informs them that he will be going out for a while, they should inform him of any problem. As he was going, Onay called him and gave him sweets. Lucas thanks her and they go. Sali and Dante tease Onay. She looks on. 

Helena tells Nathalie, I had a feeling something wrong was going on. Sorry, I wasn’t there to protect you. Nathalie says don’t worry ma, I will destroy their one happy family. Helena says about Onay, I think I already have the solution. Nathalie says tell me the plan. Helena looks on. 

Nathalie goes with tears to the Chairman of Domestic abuse office and reports that she has been abused at home. People from the office goes to Onay’s house. Dante and Sali meet them. They summon Onay to the office. Onay and her camythen arrive there. Nathalie shows them her arms with bruises and accuses them of abusing her. The man takes her word for it and asks that Nathalie should go with Helena.  But Luise who saw Nathalie and Helena’s plans exposes them. Nathalie points out blankly that they were lying after an attempt by Agartha to stop her from speaking. She tells the chief how Helena planned this all with Nathalie. 

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