Nathalie Agrees To Stay With Onay. The Way To Your Heart Thursday pt1, 2 June 2022

The episode begins with Onay going to Nathalie and putting an offer before her that if she will accept to come and be with her she will also drop the charges against Helena. 

Helena says she will be out on bail and Onay will suffer for it. Nathalie says I will hate you for the rest of my life for putting charges on my mom. Helena says so what Onay? Haven’t you seen you have been so foolish for attempting to steal my daughter away from me? Onay taunts her. Onay still tells Nathalie that she is her mother. 

Nathalie says I will never accept you as my mom. Helena says there you have it Onay. You are just wasting your time. Onay leaves. Helena and Nathalie hold hands. Onay is going and thinking about her daughter. Nelia and Maila also speak about the issue. 

Onay goes home. Lucas asks are you really sure about this offer? Onay says yes. Nathalie then tells Helena that ma, I will sort out Onay’s offer with our lawyer. 

Lawyer says it’s up to you guys whether to accept or not. Helena tells her, are you really thinking about accepting Onay’s offer, Nathalie? At the expense of losing you? Is that what you want, Nathalie? She says don’t ever ever accept the offer. Policewoman comes and says time is up. 

Nathalie says can you give us another 5 minutes? But the police says no. Nathalie then leaves. Helena is sleeping when the other other prisoners are making noise. Helena scolds them and tells them to tone down their voice. One of them get angry and comes to punch her but the other stops her. That night, Helena in jail remembers Nathalie asking her to promise her that she won’t leave her for aunty Onay. And how Nathalie finally agrees to Onay’s offer. She cries thinking of losing her. 

Agartha comes to Nathalie and says how will the foundation go on without Helena. She says we could have prevented this. Natasha tells her aunty Onay is making an offer with me. She asks what deal? Nathalie says she wants me to stay with her to release mommy? Agartha says why don’t you take it? That way you will save your mother from jail and other cases. Nathalie looks on. She says you just says yes Nathalie? 

That you will stay with Onay and her family? And you will accept Maila as your sister? Nathalie shouts in her dreams. Agartha says hypothetically speaking, if that is the only option left, will you accept Onay’s offer to free your mom? Nathalie gets thinking. The servant tells Nathalie that someone is looking for her. She asks who? And she says Maila. Nathalie goes out and asks what are you doing here? Nathalie says it’s true, speak of the devil and she will appear…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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