Lucas’ Life In Danger. The Way To Your Heart Thursday pt2, 7 July 2022: Episode 154


The episode begins with Hector driving the car with Onay, Maila and Nathalie. Onay sees a car as Lucas’ car and calls out to him. Lucas then stops the car. Onay gets down and goes to Lucas, Maila asks what they are doing? 

Natalie says Maila, let’s give them space. As they are speaking, a car believed to be sent by Vincent was about to hit Onay, but Lucas Saves her and the car hits Lucas instead. Hector gets down and rushes to Lucas as did Maila and Natalie. 

Vincent scolds his goons for failing to do the job as instructed that Onay should be hit but instead he hits Lucas. As he scolds them, Helena hears the conversation and asks about the little secret between them. At the hospital, Maila blames Helena for the accident that happened, but Natalie says no she can’t blame Helena.

 This is just a mere accident but Maila disagrees. Onay goes to Lucas on the hospital bed. She holds his hand and prays for him. She tells the Lord not to take away Lucas as she did Elvin. Lucas gets conscious and calls on Onay. She is happy to see himmback. Lucas tries getting up but Onay asks him to lay down. 

Vincent asks Helena to shut her up. Helena says but I want to know what secret that is. Vincent says it’s none of your business. Helena still inquires about the secret. Vincent tells Helena can you be grateful? 

And don’t give me a reason to throw you out. Helena looks. Everyone teases Onay for how worried she was when Lucas had the accident. Everyone looks on as Onay confesses her feelings for Lucas, Natalie and Maila teases. Helena begins to inquire into Lucas and Vincent’s life and the little secret they share.

Lucas on a walk with Maila informs her his intentions to organize an engagement party for Onay. Vincent meets her there and congratulates him. He then takes him aside so they could have a talk. Maila returns and doesn’t see Lucas there. Natalie and Onay’s family starts looking for a dress for Onay for her engagement. 

Lucas and Vincent engages in a heated argument. Maila overhears the conversation and realizes that Lucas is her biological father.