Maila Breaks Up With Oliver. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Oliver is seen with Maila. His mother calls Oliver, stay away from her. Everybody looks on. Sali receives a call and it’s from Dante. Onay convinces herself to smile as she goes to look for Helena.

Children at Happy Hearts foundation are seen singing while Helena and her lawyer were present and trying to find ways to get rid of Onay. Her lawyer tells her, you have no legal case against Onay. As a matter of fact, she does. Helena tells him to do anything to get rid of her.

Onay enters and starts looking for Helena. Agartha asks, children what do you say to our kind sponsor? They say thank you, Mrs. Montenegro. Helena goes and shake hands with them and Onay sees her. Onay comes there and mentions her name. She looks shocked. 

The episode continues with Oliver asking his parents, what are you guys doing here? His mother replies, we are going home, let’s go. Oliver asks, but why ma? She says stay away from that girl, she is not a good influence for you. 

Nathalie scolds Maila saying she is just after his family’s money. Oliver’s mom says, take it from me Oliver, I have had the same experience before. Oliver says, stop it mom, you’re being unfair to Maila. 

She asks, me? Unfair? Am just trying to look after you. Lucas said, we have to go home, Emelda says yes, let’s go before I say something else. She takes Oliver and they go. Lucas goes to Maila and says sorry to her and leaves. Maila looks on. Oliver turns back and looks at Mail. Nathalie and her friend smiles and says, this is what she deserves. 

Helena asks her lawyer how Onay came inside? He said honestly I don’t know, probably she escaped the guards. Helena asks him to get her out of there. He says guards, get this woman out of her. Onay taunts Helena. Nathalie comes to Maila and says, poor Maila. Maila asks what is the problem with her? The guards come to take Onay. Sali tells them not to touch her and she takes her away. Helena feels tense. 

Nathalie scolds Maila and says she is the one that deserves Oliver because she is prettier than Maila. Maila doesn’t deserve him and she will make Oliver realize that. Maila feels sad. She cries. Helena complains to Agartha how Onay ruined the party for her all in the name of knowing where Elvin’s remains were relocated to. Agartha says if I was there I wouldn’t have allowed that to happen. 

She tells Helena why don’t you allow her to know where Elvin was buried so as to conceal Rosemary’s secrets? Helena says what are you saying? I only have the right to know where Elvin was buried and no one else. I won’t let her know. Over my dead body. That’s what she get for ruining my life. Oliver tells his mom why is she doing this with Mail? If you give her a chance, you will realize how nice she is. His mother says, and am not giving her another chance. I just want you to stay away from her, that’s all. 

She says since Oliver is living under her roof, he won’t have anything to do with Maila. She says, we won’t have this conversation anymore. Lucas tells Oliver not to worry, am sure one day your mother will come to her senses. Nathalie’s friend says they should post a video online and tag it, Maila loser. Nathalie says she is rure she is crying. If she was her, she wouldn’t get close to Oliver after what his mom did to her. Helena comes home tense. 

Nathalie asks, what’s wrong, mom? You look so distressed. Helena says, am fine , something happened at the foundation today. I don’t want to talk about it anymore, I just want to forget about it. Nathalie asks, mom what? Is it the woman who tried to hurt you? Helena says, Nathalie stop it, I don’t want you to talk about it anymore. The case is closed. Give it a rest. Nathalie says am sorry, Helena says, I just need to rest. She goes. 

Helena comes home when his mother asks if she went to Helena again? Onay says she doesn’t want to tell her where Elvin was kept. Nelia slaps Onay. She tells her what is wrong with her? Why Elvin again? The next morning, Nelia goes to Onay and pacifies her. They hug. Oliver meets Maila the next morning in school and says, am sorry for what happened. 

I shouldn’t have allowed mom to talk to you like that. You don’t deserve it, don’t worry I will do something about it. Maila says she is right, Oliver I shouldn’t be with you, and she goes. Oliver calls and says Maila, is everything okay between us? Maila says absolutely. Oliver looks on. Onay the school dining hall and with Sali to see Maila. 

She sees Nathalie and goes to her with sweets. Nathalie takes it. She goes out and wanted to have a taste at it. She tells her friend, one bite won’t cause anything. Her friend says, a bite on the lips, forever on the hips. She tells her it might contain germs or something. Her friend says if I were you, I would trash that. 

Nathalie says fine and puts it in the trash bin. Maila sees this and asks her, if you won’t eat it, why take it in the first place. Nathalie says she can do whatever she wants with it. Maila scolds her. Nathalie takes it from the trash bin and pokes it to Maila’s nose. Oliver sees it. Maila pushes her and they fight. Oliver defends Maila and tells Nathalie, you attacked her first. 

Nathalie leaves and Oliver asks, are you okay? Maila was about to go when Oliver stopped her. He tells her, I know what you are doing but I still want to be friends with you. Nathalie’s friend advises her to step up in the game. She says I will show her what I am capable of. Her friend asks, so what are you thinking? She says she plans on telling about Maila to her and she knows Onay will believe whatever she says. Nathalie stops Onay and says she has a conversation with her. Onay asks Sali to leave as she will be coming. She goes with Nathalie. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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