Maila’s Mother Falls Sick. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday, 10 May 2022

The episode begins with Onay holding her head. Maila asks what is the problem. Onay assures her that she is absolutely well. Nelia fights with the fat women at the market. 

Onay and Maila go to the food sharing venue, Maila sees her and tells Onay to look. Helena also sees them and taunts them. Helena then gives them some of the package, but Maila and Onay refuse. 

They leave. As they were speaking about Helena, Nelia said she has to teach her a lesson, so she headed towards where Helena is. She scolds her, and tells Helena she is the reason behind all this..she is the one who burned their house. Helena asks her not to blame her for that. They then leave. That night, Onay started feeling dizzy, and she fell down. They ask her to sleep. 

Nathalie is seen with Soleng, she tells her to check her social media accounts for her. Soleng started reading the get well soon messages from friends and family. Soleng then sees negative feedbacks from some friends, someone said you deserve it. She refuses to read that to her. Some of her friends came to meet her. It was Gwen and her friends. They called Nathalie a loser. 

Nathalie scolds them. She felt sad. Onay goes to see the doctor the next day who informs her about her health condition and what to do to stay healthy. Nathalie’s friends were still taunting her when Helena comes there and says why call my daughter poor? 

She is not poor, she has everything in life to be grateful for, she has a car, a house, she has money, she has us. She is not poor, in other words, we are rich, they go, and she says flee. Nathalie thanks her for coming to save her from their taunts. Onay’s condition got worse and she was hospitalized. 

Helena says to Nathalie, tomorrow we will go to the doctors okay. Nathalie feared that she might not be able to see again. Helena says then we will find another doctor. We won’t stop until you can see the world again. She says mom, thank you, thank you for being in my life. Helena says I will always be here for you, Nathalie, know that. Kiara hears of Onay’s sickness and visits her at the hospital. 

The doctor wrote some antibiotics for Maila to buy for Onay. The doctor treating Onay was working for Helena. Maila goes to the pharmacist to get the drugs. The drugs were too expensive and she couldn’t get money to pay, so she begged the pharmacist who wouldn’t do anything to help. Maila pleaded with the other customers, they contributed and she was able to get the drugs for her mother. 

Helena heard her mother talking about aunt Onay. She says ma, what happened to auntie Onay? Helena says she is sick, but nothing compared to yours. She tells her not to have any affection for that woman. Helene pollutes her mind, that at the end of the day just like Oliver, she will choose Maila over you. 

While Maila was on the way, she got attacked by a robber. Maila struggled with him. The robber checked and saw it was just medicines and threw them in the river, and runaway. Maila cries. She tries taking the medicine from the river. Onay asks why Maila is still not in. A child was brought into the hospital ward and Onay got up. Maila removed the packet but there were no drugs. Maila comes back crying and informs them what had happened. 

Helena was walking with Nathalie, Gwen and her friends saw her, and went away. Helena says you see Nathalie, for as long as i’m with you, no one will dare come close. Nathalie says thanks mommy, I feel secured with you. Helena says I want you to soar on your own. She gets a call and says I have to answer this call, because it’s important, just stay here, I will be right back. A boy and his sister were jogging, he said, “Come on, we have to practice more. 

Nathalie hears and says Oliver, is that you? She followed. She almost fell but continued. She almost got hit by a car. Helena rushes to her. She says are you okay? Helena fumes on the driver calling him reckless. Helena scolds her at home. She says i’m sorry. Helena says next time you have to be more responsible.

 She says I heard Oliver and followed. I heard him calling his sister Gracie. Helena says that is not Oliver, it’s just your imagination, if it was him, he will come to you. She scolds her. She says mom, you are shouting on me. She says am sorry and even scolds her the more, Nathalie cries and says okay, ma. Onay gets discharged. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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