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The episode begins with the media wanting to speak with Onay. Maila and Sali push them away. Maila then encourages Onay to let the world know about her story, Sali supported her and finally, and the convince Onay to speak with them. She then speaks to the media as she narrates her story. Vincent meets with Lucas to speak about the problem that is knocking on their door, after what they did years back has come back to haunt them. Vincent scolds him as he was ready to give him his consent. 

Emelda Gracie at home, they watch on tv news about Onay getting Justice and her interview was live on television. Emelda says oh gush, she’s all over the news. Lucas also watches on tv as Onay narrates her plight of 18yeara back, what happened and how that affected her then and now. Nathalie comes home and sees some people with Helena. She asks what they are doing here? Helena says they are honoring me with a woman of influence award. It’s an honor.

 Nathalie hugs her and says am so happy for you. As they were speaking, Soleng comes to Helena and informs her that Onay is on the news and she’s been watched by over 1 million people. Nathalie asks what? Why? Nathalie says they said her r@pist has been arrested. Nathalie says wait, I think I know that. Helena watches her interview on the phone as she mentions the name of Elvin Montenegro.

 Helena says did she just say her husband was Elvin? Helena goes Gaga after hearing this. Soleng asks her to relax. As they speak, Dante eavesdrops on their conversation as he always does. Sali mocks Onay as the family gathers to watch the interview and says small person with a big voice. Dante informs them about Helena’s reaction after Onay mentioned Elvin’s name.

 Emelda says after Gracie asks about the interview with Maila’s mother that, as much as I don’t like her, I just wish this publicity does her something good. As they digest the issue the way they digest their meal,.Gracie asks but why would anyone do that to such a little person like her? Emelda says yeah, Gracie, there are evil people in this world that’s why, and can you please not call her aunty?

 Lucas gets angry with her and goes. They all look on. Lucas drinks wine and sits thinking as Oliver comes to him and asks him what is it? It seems you don’t want her to talk about Maila’s mom. He tells Oliver that he’s glad they’ve gotten a suspect. Oliver says after all these years she is getting Justice. Oliver asks him to be the lawyer in this case but Lucas said he doesn’t think he will be able to. 

Oliver says dad, this is your field of expertise, I know you can help aunt Onay. Maila and Kiana bump into some students who were watching the video and say this is Maila’s mom. Maila goes to them. Nathalie comes downstairs and asks Maila about it. Nathalie taunts her that it’s so weird that someone will r@pe.a small person, she’s not even pretty and tall so I don’t know what someone sees in her. Maila and Kiana go. 

Emmanuel was happy as Vincent visited him with a lawyer, he says how happy he was and asks why did Lucas not come on his case? Vincent says this is attorney Batista, he’s a very good lawyer. Maila is still avoiding Oliver, Oliver tells her Maila, my dad can help you, but still Maila ignores him. Nathalie comes and says hey Oliver, I brought you something, but Oliver says it’s okay. 

She says Oliver, I know Maila has been rejecting you lately, you need to get her out of your mind, I will take you to somewhere nice, but Oliver says not this. Nathalie follows Oliver and slips on the staircase, Oliver goes to help her. He says I will take you to the clinic but I will have to carry you. Maila and Kiana look on. 

Kiana says I can see you look jealous. Oliver brings Nathalie to the clinic. Nathalie asks Oliver if he can massage her legs, but Oliver says Nathalie, I have to be somewhere. Luis comes and says girl, what happened? Oliver says Nathalie, Luis is here, I have to go. After Oliver left, she stood up and walked away.

 Onay and her family worried for their lawyer. They called attorney Santos but his number was unreachable. The judge says Mrs. Montenegro, it’s been an hour now, I don’t think you have a lawyer to represent you today. Onay asks him to wait a while. He says, I don’t have all day, for the information of everyone, this arrangement will not push through. We need to reschedule to December 10, 2018. He goes. Onay worries. 

The Way To Your Heart Episode 64

The episode begins with Maila coming out of the car with Dante. Her Grandma comes to meet her. Oliver also comes to meet her. She asks, Oliver , what are you doing here? Oliver says it’s about the lawyer issue. My dad is willing to help your mom as he is an expert in r@pe issues, that’s his field of expertise. Maila says they are okay.

Oliver says, Maila please let me help you, I know my father will never back out of this. Maila shows consent. Vincent goes to Lucas and tells him to help Emmanuel in the case and themselves. Vincent says I am doing my best to get us off the hook and what are you trying to do? Oliver then comes there and says dad! He came with Maila. Oliver and Maila look on. 

Onay taunts Helena for being the cause of her lawyer backing out. Helena says Onay, I have nothing to do with your lawyer backing out. They still blame Helena for it. Helena says this is not true, I also want justice for my son, Onay. I know nothing about the situation at all.  Am sorry if you misjudge my actions. I am with you in this fight, okay. She said and hugged Onay. 

Helena puts up this drama because of the people around so she could keep her good name. 

Vincent leaves and Lucas asks Maila and Oliver to sit. Oliver informs him about their lawyer backing out of Maila’s mother’s case. Maila asks for his help for her mother. Helena says Onay please let’s not fight anymore, let’s come together and fight. Onay says are you the same Helena? I don’t trust you. She says please do not doubt my sincerity, Onay. I know we have some issues with the past but I want us to put it all behind us, Onay, I don’t want to fight anymore. 

Oliver says dad, the case is meant for you, only you can help Maila’s mom. Lucas remembers what happened, and said am sorry Maila, I really want to help but I don’t think I am the right lawyer for this. Oliver says what? Maila looks on. Helena tells Onay, am going to hire you the best lawyer in town. Sali says really? Helena says trust me Onay, this will be the beginning of our new relationship. 

Everybody speaks well of Helena. Lucas explains that Emelda is not allowing him to do this for Maila’s mom. Oliver says dad when has mom stopped you from helping other people? Maila taps Oliver. Oliver thanks him and goes with Maila. Lucas calls Maila and says Maila, I have this friend lawyer there, Lucas gave his contact card to Maila. Maila thanks him, he says Maila, I am really sorry, I feel bad I couldn’t help you…Read more

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