Emman Is Out Of Coma. Vincent In Trouble. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday, 19 April 2022: Episode 69

The episode begins with Maila checking Emman’s pulse and saying that it seems Emman’s condition is getting better. Onay gets glad after finding this ray of hope, she tells him that she knows he can fight through it. Helena and Nathalie go to Lucas’ house and meet with Emelda and Gracie. Emelda says am happy that you were able to make it here. She sees Nathalie’s wounded hand and asks what happened to your hand? 

Helena says well she got burnt in a fight with some cheap girl which Oliver was behind. She asks, “Where is Oliver? Emelda calls Oliver and says please come here. Oliver goes. She asks how could you do this to Nathalie? Oliver says sorry Nathalie, this will not happen again. She says apology accepted. I know you did this to protect Maila. Helena says Maila! This is not about her again. I want to have a good day. Nathalie says yes. 

As they were speaking, Vincent and Lucas came home. Emelsa tells Vinc, this is Helena, and also introduces Helena to him. She says if you could excuse me. I just have to prepare. Onay meets with that hospital staff and asks for CCTV footage. The technician tells her CCTV was not functioning. Vincent asks his bodyguard if they shut the CCTV? He says yes, they took care of everything. 

He says good good, you have done very well. Helena, Vincent, Nathalie and Lucas’ family gather around the dining table to have dinner together. Helena brings Onay into their conversation. Vincent says what, Onay? The small person that was r@ped. Helena says yes, and I hate to admit that she was my ex daughter in law. 

And I also hate that she is all over social media and TV news, because of her I lost my only son. Oliver says I really think you should support aunt Onay. Helena says Onay is trying to make a scene, making it look like she was the victim. Oliver she really was. Nathalie says it’s okay, let’s talk about something else. 

Helena says I lost my only son because of this, and I hope that they catch the criminal and bring him to justice, for putting Elvin in that situation. Oliver defends Onay. Emelda says Oliver, if you are going to insist then please leave the table. Oliver left. Lucas follows him. Vincent receives a call and he goes too. Emelsa says who’s ready for dessert. Lucas goes to Oliver and speaks with him. Oliver then asks about Vincent. Lucas says he was my very good friend but he went to the states for studies and now he is contesting for governor. Oliver says I don’t know but I don’t feel good about him, I am having bad feelings about him. 

Onay had a nightmare, she saw Emman in her dreams asking for help. Onay woke up and decided to go to the hospital. Onay goes to the hospital. Vincent is seen sneaking into the ward where Emman was relocated. After he overhears doctors saying the new room Emman has been relocated. Onay goes to Emman. Miraculously, Emman opens his eyes. 

Vincent hides behind the door and looks on. Emman tried to open his mouth to speak but he couldn’t. He looks in the direction where Vincent was standing, Onay notices and looks there but he is gone. Doctors says they will run tests on him to bring him back to normal. Emman’s pulse begins to fall. His wife and Onay screams. Doctors come and try to save his life but to no avail. Doctor says sorry ma, we did what we could. Finally, Emman is reported dead. His wife cries. People arrive at the hospital upon hearing the news. 

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