Rosemary Is Reported Dead As Helena Get’s Killed. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday, 22 February 2022:

The episode begins with Maila and Nathalie fighting. A guy records it. Sali and Maila arrive at the spot where Helena enters. They see Helena enter a cemetery room and they follow. They wonder what she might be going to do there. Maila and Nathalie’s fight get vigorous.

Maila pours liquid on Nathalie as she did to her. Helena stops. She turns and sees Onay and Sali standing beside her. She asks her what she wants? Onay replies she is there for her daughter, Rosemary. Helena then tells her to come and see Rosemary. 

Onay sees a wall grave with Rosemary’s name imprinted on it. Onay gets shocked. She gets near and thinks how did she die? Maila and Nathalie are still in the cat fight when Oliver arrives there and stops the fight. He asks what is wrong with you? Look around you. Everyone is looking and watching. You are trending all over social media. Nathalie blames Maila when Oliver tells her to stop it. She started all this with Maila. Nathalie says so you are defending her. Oliver says why won’t I believe her? You deceived me and made me believe all those vlogs are your voice. 

Oliver tells Maila not to worry and he takes her away. Nathalie gets angry. Oliver takes Maila in a car and goes while Nathalie looks on and kicks things. Onay asks Helena how Rosemary died? Helena lies that after we left for France, she was diagnosed with a heart disease. We tried to save her but we couldn’t. 

It sounds fishy. She remembers seeing Helena and asking her how Rosemary is and she says she is doing very well. Onay asks then why did you say she is doing well when I asked you? Helena says she has to lie about that as she was afraid of revealing the truth. Helena tells her she is gone forever. Helena says Elvin left and then Rosemary. I was so devastated that I couldn’t hold myself together to tell the truth. Onay scolds her. Onay cries thinking of her daughter. 

Helena and her friends meet to chill. She says now the mission is accomplished. Her friend says the plan was so startling yet so brilliant. Helena says she can’t let Onay disrupt her peace always. Alice asks if she didn’t make Onay suspect it was a trap? Helena says no, she knew Onay will come after her so she hired the guard to observe her movement, and after she realized Onay was following her, she led her straight to Rosemary. Alice says well, our plan was beautifully executed. Now they have ended the Rosemary session. Grandma goes and asks Tess if she has seen Dante? She goes looking for him. 

Maila is in Oliver’s presence, she calls her Grandma on the phone. Just when she was about to go. Oliver appears and says she has to change his clothes. She tells her before she goes they have to treat her wound which she got as a result of the catfight. Oliver does the aid. They have an eye lock. Maila felt lost as Oliver. Maila then asks to go. Oliver looks on and smiles. Onay arrives home feeling sad. Her mother asks what happened to her, did they see Helena? Onay weeps as she recounts the story that Rosemary is dead. 

Helena tells Nathalie to hurry up so they go. They were going out. She sees bruises on her face and asks what happened to her? She lied. Helena tells her to take care next time. She should take good care of her pretty little face. Maila goes to her mom who was asleep and comforts her. 

The next morning, Onay is still in bed thinking of Rosemary and crying. Salia goes to call her but she won’t come and tells her to leave her alone. Her mother says she has to go to Helena and asks her herself because it is fishy. Maila comes upstairs and asks what is going on. Sali tells her to look after her mother, they will be coming soon. Maila goes in to Onay who would not listen to her also. Maila’s grandma arrives at the foundation centre and asks for Helena. The guard says she is on leave. She forces him to take her in. They open the door and she enters. She gets inside to Helena and confronts her. She asks her what do you say about Rosemary. 

The episode continues with Onay still mourning the supposed death of her beloved Rosemary. Maila looks sad, she goes and comforts her. She tells her to control herself because the tears will not bring back Rosemary. Onay’s mother tells Helena she knows that the news she told about Rosemary is fake. Helena hits her. Helena calls for help. She gets angry, takes a knife and stabs Helena. She moves out and goes….Read more

Written By: CrownAngel

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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