Oliver Surprises Lucas & Onay. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday, 26 April 2022

The episode begins with Lucas giving the surprise to Onay. Emelda looks on from behind. Waitress comes and says excuse me ma, can I help you with anything? She says I am Lucas’ wife, can you get out of my way? After dinner, Onay leaves. Emelda follows her. She meets her at the doorway and confronts her. Oliver says dad, this is our way of saying thank you, thank you for giving us your blessings. Lucas asks them not to worry and enjoy their new relationship. 

Emeda questions Onay if she is having any affair with her husband. Onay denies that she wouldn’t do that. Emelda says I am a lawyer, and I can tell when someone is lying right to my face. Am just giving you a warning else I will make your life a living hell for you. Onay tells her she cannot threaten her. Emelda says well Onay, I didn’t come here to fight, besides you are not my type. 

If I were you, I would challenge someone who is my type.  Lucas comes there and takes Emelda  away. Maila says sorry to her mother for what Emelda said to her.  Oliver says anunt Onay, I don’t know why my mother does not want Maila and I to be together, it seems she doesn’t want me to be happy. Lucas scolds Emelda why she is still using Onay’s r@pe issue against her. 

She says wait Lucas, did you even do anything to help her? So tell me why didn’t you help them? They argue. Maila thanks Oliver for the lunch and they go. Maila also thanks Oliver. He says Aunt Onay is like aom to me, that’s why I want to protect both of you. He says I don’t know what is wrong with my mom, maybe stress from work, but hey don’t worry, things will get better, challenges like this make a relationship stronger, we will get through this together. They hug. 

At the dinner table at Lucas residence, Gracie looks at her mom and dad and says are you okay? Emelda says just eat your food Gracie, Lucas says excuse me, I have to go for some paper work. Emelda looks on. Oliver comes and says mom, Gracie, am sorry I am late. Emelda says are you done flirting with our enemies? Oliver says mom, they are not our enemies, Maila is my girlfriend and aunt Onay is her mother, that’s all. 

She says can you stop calling her aunt? Oliver says where is this coming from? Am sorry but you are out of line. Emelda says what? Am out of line? Well, go on, you won’t show respect to me again, for as long as you live under my roof, you will do as I say. Gracie looks sad. Oliver says hey it’s Okay. Lucas calls Onay on the phone and tells her he is really sorry for what happened. They both stay on the call without saying a word. Emelda is with her lover, she says your husband doesn’t deserve someone as beautiful as you, you deserve to be with someone like me. 

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