Maila Goes Missing In The Forest. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday, 29 March 2022: Episode 52

The episode begins with the student going on the outreach in the forest. Oliver doezes and lays head on Maila. She smiles. They finally arrive at their location, and the little kids meet them. They sing and dance merry go round. They all give them gifts. Maila gives Oliver specially prepared sweets. As they are eating, Wendy comes to them and tells them about joining their team and going to the other side. They agree and Maila follows her to the forest.  She broke a stick and told Maila, let’s have one of these. 

They walk to a place far from the other students. Maila gets tired and thirsty. Wendy gives her a bottle of water to drink. Flashback shows Wendy speaking with Nathalie on the phone. Nathalie says, I may not be there but I will let Maila feel my wrath. Wendy puts some substance into the water. Flashback ends. 

Maila drinks the water and feels okay, not having any idea of what she has taken in. Wendy excuses her and goes. Maila finished the bottle of water and sat down. She feels dizzy and falls asleep. Wendy comes. She tried calling her to see if she was truly asleep. Wendy calls Nathalie and says, hello Nathalie, enemy down. Nathalie asks her to take her phone. Wendy takes the phone and leaves Maila behind.

 Helena complains to Agartha saying I don’t know what to do with Nathalie anymore. She has become so stubborn. Agartha says, maybe you are just being a bit too hard on her. Helena says, call me tiger but I know what’s best for my daughter. Agartha says, I am just saying. 

Nathalie passes by. Helena calls and says, Nathalie where are you going? Can’t you just say hi! Nathalie ignored her. The teacher asks everyone to get inside the car so they go. 

Kiana and Oliver worries for Maila. Oliver calls her phone which was unreachable. He tells Kiana that Maila’s phone is unreachable. Oliver goes to Wendy and says, Wendy, where’s Maila? She goes excuses. Teacher comes and asks, have you seen Maila? Wendy says she has gone with the first batch. Madam says are you sure? Kiana finds it suspicious. Teacher asks to confirm from the driver. She calls. Oliver also kept calling Maila’s phone. 

Helena goes to Nathalie in her room and says, Nathalie, can we talk? I just want to say that I am sorry for slapping you. I did it out of pressure. You must know that I have your best interest at heart. I just want you to be the version of yourself, better than Maila. Nathalie says, maybe I can never be better than Maila. She has Oliver’s attention, but I can beat her at my own game and my own rules. That’s my girl, Helena says. She tells her to rest and goes. 

Maila woke up and heard the thunder roaring. She called Wendy but there was no reply. Everywhere became dark. Dante brings noodles and asks everyone to celebrate. He served the food. Onay is on the road. A car stops by her. She get scared. She remembers the car as the car the kidnappers who kidnapped her took. Lucas talks in sleep as he remembers that awful incident that night.

 As he sleeptalks, Emelda gets inside. Emelda goes to him and says, are you okay? He was panting heavily. Emelda consoles him. Lucas sits thinking. Everybody gets worried for Maila. Oliver calls Chris and asks if he has seen Maila? He says no. Kiana asks what’s the response. He doesn’t know where he is, he says. Let me try calling him again and see.

 Maila is wondering about in the dark. Maila sits under a tree. A snake hangs on the tree and another snake under the tree right before her foot. She held the tree and held something fleshlike, she raised up her head and saw the snake. She screams. She looks down and sees another snake under the tree. Maila shouts and runs. Her sandals pull off. 

It’s raining, Oliver scolds Wendy and says you just told me Maila is in the first service car, I just called Chris and he says Maila is not there. Kiana asks where my best friend is. Wendy says, I was mistaken, okay. Oliver says, you went with Maila so you are the only one who knows where she is. 

Wendy says she had an excuse because she needed to pee and that’s all. I came back and she was nowhere to be found. Kiana sparks on her. Madam and Oliver ask her to calm down. Madam asks Wendy, when was the last time you saw her? Wendy explains. Oliver says, miss we are running out of time, we need to find Maila. Miss kept asking questions. Oliver feels restless. She asks Wendy to go with the car and report the situation to the school. 

The Roman sisters got down from the car and went to Onay. They ask if there is anything wrong and if she needs help? Onay says she is okay. Kiana calls Onah and informs her that Maila is missing.  Onay stops a taxi and gets into it. Oliver, Kiana and the teacher get into the forest to look for Maila. A teacher comes to Onay’s house and says Maila is missing. Emelda asks Lucas to tell her what has been bothering him. Maila climbs a mountain. She struggles. She holds a tree but falls down. 

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Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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