Maila Is Lucas’ Daughter – DNA Test Confirms. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday, 5 April 2022: Episode 57-58

Helena says what? So you actually caused that fire? You’ll rot in jail. She says she did that to take revenge on Nelia hurting her. 

Helena says I knew it. She remembers asking Nathalie about her injured arm. She says when will you stop this with Maila? Nathalie says please mom, help me. Maila goes to Nathalie at school and scolds her for causing the fire. Nathalie says do you have evidence to prove me guilty? Bad things are happening to your and your family because deep inside you are a bad person just like your father. Maila was about to crush her when Oliver comes and stops her. Onay and her family and then Helena and her daughter meet at the police station. 

Lucas sees pictures of Onay and how she was badly r@ped and tortured. He started shivering. He remembers the incident that happened in the past. Lucas cries. He cries after the reality dawns on him that his victim happens to be Onay. He remembers how sorrowful she was after telling him her case and what happened. Lucas cries. 

Helena shows a fake footage that shows Nathalie walking around her home. She says this footage was taken around 9 in the morning which shows that Nathalie was at home at that time. So you see, I have evidence. Don’t blame Nathalie. She’s innocent. Helena says why are you trying to frame her? Because of our history? Officer, this woman tried to kill me before, they are criminals. Officer I believe I’m done here, I believe I have made my point. She leaves. Lucas speaks about the issue with his assistant. He tells him he has found out that it’s Onay and the product of that incident is Maila. He looks on. 

The Way To Your Heart Episode 58

The episode begins with Maila and Oliver coming out from class. Oliver’s father stops by. He gives chocolate to Maila and Oliver. Maila thanks him.  Oliver asks dad, what are you doing here? Lucas says he only came for a visit. He offers to drop Maila. Maila and Oliver get into the car and go. Onay and her family think of evidence to prove Nathalie is guilty. 

Helena and Agartha meet. Helena says after showing them the video, they think it’s real. Agartha says with the technology today, you can frame everything. Helena says not quite Agartha, I still can’t erase my past. Because of Onay, I lost my son. Maila reaches her destination. Oliver says goodbye to her and she goes. 

Lucas asks one of his workers that he wants a DNA test to be done on Maila. He gave her samples. Helena drinks wine. Nathalie goes to her and asks, mom, is it done? Helena says yes, you are as free as a bird. She then tells Nathalie, stay away from Maila and from her family. Nathalie says what I will do? Maila is insisting I caused that fire. Helena says so what? Let her say. Nathalie says she will continue accusing me.  Helena then says then leave from the school. She then advises Nathalie to stop pursuing Oliverz she says you are beautiful and you are smart. He should be the one pursuing you, and not the other way round. Nathalie looks sad. 

Oliver goes to his dad and says hey day, he says hey son. Oliver asks, have you found the suspect yet? Lucas says not yet. Oliver says I want your advice, in one week’s time, we will be telling Onay about our relationship and I don’t know how she will take it. Lucas says you have to convince your mom, and hers, you have to find a way. And of course, prayers. 

You have to pray so you get a second chance. Luis advises Nathalie to stay away from Maila after knowing her history with him. Nathalie says to Luis, I just want Oliver and not Maila, you know I hate losing to her. Luis says so it’s really personal? You vrs Maila. She says ever since she double crossed me, it has always been personal. I will vow now as I vowed then, I will make her life a living hell. 

Emelda comes to Lucas and asks, hi Hun which of your cases requires a DNA test? And why DNA tests? Lucas didn’t open up. Emelda says come on, hun you always share your cases with me. At school, Oliver gets  flowers for Maila as a gift. Nathalie and Luis come there. The gossip as they go. Nathalie takes pictures of Oliver and Maila which she later shows to Emelda. Emelda says what all this? Nathalie says it is as it seems. Emelda asks why is Maila so stubborn.. Nathalie replies that it might be the r@pist blood in her veins. 

Oliver is speaking with Maila when he receives a call from his mother. Emelda asks, are you with that Maila girl again? Oliver says yes mom, am with Maila right now. I came with my friends to help her build a new stall. Emelda asks is that the only reason you are with her? To help her? Oliver says yes mom, that’s the only reason I am with her. After the call, he asks Maila. Are you worried I told mom we are together? Oliver assures her that nothing will happen to her. 

Lucas’ assistant had earlier brought him the DNA report sheets..But Lucas was afraid to open it because he was worried about the outcome and how Maila and Oliver’s relationship will be affected. His assistant then takes the report and trash it. 

Maila is at home when Emelda bumps in. She gets shocked. Oliver goes home and calls his dad but doesn’t see him. He found the DNA reports in the trash bin and picked it up. Emelda shows Maila pictures of her with Oliver. Oliver was about to open the DNA reports sheet when Lucas entered. He takes it. Oliver says this is from the DNA diagnostic centre, why is it in the trash bin? He tells her it’s confidential. Maila tells Emelda that she’s sorry. onay comes and asks what have you done that you are saying sorry? She sees Emelda and remembers meeting her before. 

Emelda asks, you are Maila’s mother? Onay says you are Oliver’s mother. She says Maila and Oliver are into a relationship. Onay gets shocked. Lucas¬† takes the reports and reads. Oliver comes in and gets shocked at the look on his face….Read more

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