Nathalie Goes Missing. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday, 8 March 2022: Episode 36

Dante is seen hiding behind a car. Dante is going when he get confronted. They beat him. He fights with them and runaway. Helena is on the phone when Nathalie comes and asks, are you still pushing through wirjy transfer. I told you I will not leave that school. Helena says I don’t care what you think, for as long as you are under my roof you will do my wish. 

Nathalie was about to walk away when Helena stops her and says, Nathalie, what is your problem? Why are you being so defiant? Nathalie tells her don’t order my around because technically, you are not my mother. Helena slaps her. She then says am so sorry Nathalie. I am still your mother. Nathalie says my real mother will never hit me. She leaves. Helena says Nathalie, come here, please let’s talk. 

Maila is looking through her gifts and everyone happy. There was a bang knock at the door. They thought it might be Dante. Onay opens the door and see the goons. They tell them to produce Dante. Everyone gets shocked. Helena is on the phone speaking to Agartha about Nathalie. She says Nathalie is becoming so stubborn. Agartha says, her blood is in Nathalie’s veins.

Nathalie hides to listen. Helena says, look I don’t know anything to do Agartha..I have tried to talk to her nicely, she’s becoming more and more defiant. No am not changing my mind. Helena says mommy won’t change her mind. Nathalie goes away from the house. Helena says it’s need an iron hands right now. Nathalie sits on the car and says, this is my life, am the driver, freedom, here I go, buee mommy. She starts the car and goes. The goons hold a gun at Onay. 

Maila cover her. Nelia covers them. The next morning, Soleng calls Nathalie to open the door. Helena says Nathalie come out or else you are not getting any dinner, you will be grounded for the whole week. Bit she wouldn’t reply. Helena tells Soleng to open with the master key. She opens. They get inside and calls Nathalie but didn’t see her. Helena asks, where the hell is she? 

The goons threatens and then goes finally. Helena tells Soleng to do everything to see Nathalie. Nathalie calls Luis on phone, she says, Nathalie, can you put me on your speaker please, you are driving. Nathalie says she is coming to her. But she tells her no one is at home, they have traveled for the weekend. Nathalie says what? She shows her a friend where she can stay with them. Dante run along the way and got hit by Nathalie’s car. 

The Way To Your Heart Episode 36

The episode begins with Dante coming Infront of a car but not getting hit. The driver tells him to be careful. Nathalie stops and says I think I hit something. She gets down to check and found a tree trunk. She says Luis, it’s just a trunk. She then says, you know what I can make this happen. I don’t need mommy to protect me. She removes the trunk, entered the car and jeered off. She then calls Jenny, and she said she is in Bangkok. She says, oh you are in Bangkok? 

Jenny says see you soon, enjoy. Nathalie says, why is everyone out of town? The waiter brought the menu and she said she didn’t ask for it. Nathalie records a vlog video and says, hi friends, Nathalie here, am here in this coffee shop, alone so wish me luck guys. Two guys comes and sit beside her. They place hands on her shoulders and she asks who are you guys? They say we are going for a party. Nathalie pushes them away, she takes her bag and goes. 

She gets into her car and says, they are too sleeky and says I have to vlog this. She takes her phone and records a video saying hey guys, it’s me again, and tells them what happened at the coffee shop. A car crosses the road. Nathalie stops the car. She gets scared. A guy get down from the car and they argue. Kiana sees the video on social media and says is this not Nathalie? She laughs and says I have to tell this to my bestie. She calls Maila. Maila was asleep when she called. She asks why are you calling at this time of the night? She tells her about Nathalie in the video. 

The police arrive at the location. They checked the guy’s driver’s license and found out it was alright. They ask Nathalie to produce her driver’s license. Nathalie says it’s in my bag. She enters her car, takes her bag and runs away. Maila also watches all these since it was live. Onay enters her room and asks what she is doing with the phone that she won’t sleep? She tells her it’s Nathalie.

Onay asks what’s wrong with Nathalie? She shows the video to Onay. Soleng comes to Helena and tells her the police are at home. She was then on the phone with Agartha, she says Agartha I will call back later and goes to the police. She asks is all this damage to my daughter? The police tell her all that happened. She asks where is she? What happened to her. They tell her she is missing. 

Imelda and Lucas are also watching the video. Lucas taunts Nathalie. Imelda says honey she’s just a kid. Lucas says but a kid shouldn’t be driving. 

Oliver comes and says he also watched the video. They asks what the reason was and if she is fine. Oliver says she heard from a friend that she escaped from home. Imelda says you see, the kid is going through something. Lucas says I know but it doesn’t mean she should have a free pass, Imelda as lawyers, we all know what Nathalie did was unlawful. 

Nathalie says I guess they are gone. Now book a place to stay. I have the money. She takes her phone and starts booking and says, am lucky, cool. She takes her phone and records another vlog. She shows the money. A robber pulls a knife at her. She tells her to give all her belongings to him, she gave up everything, including her phones and earphones. Nathalie starts thinking. 

Nathalie goes to a restaurant to eat food. They gave her the bill, she looks at it and smiles, she tells the waitress she will pay when she has the money. Nathalie ran away from there and the waitress ran after her. She clashes with Maila. Maila calls Nathalie niece and she tells her to stop calling her that. She goes away. Helena at the police station, they gave the phone recording of Nathalie…Read more

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