Lucas’ Secret Finally Revealed. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday Pt1, 12 July 2022:


The episode begins with Helena getting mad at Vincent for issuing a threatening message to her after she comes to know the truth about Lucas and the little secret they share. Helena screams and says how dare he threaten me like that? Soleng advises Helena not to do anything that will bring grave consequences. Helena says but I have to pay for the death of my son. Helena still fails to heed all advice given to her.

She says everything that happened was because of Onay, it’s about time she ends everything once and for all. Helena and Soleng then pack their belongings and we’re leaving Vincent’s residence. Just as they went downstairs, one of Vincent’s bodyguards stops them and asks where they think they are going? Helena says we are leaving. He draws a gun and tells them to get back upstairs. Soleng goes to him to speak with him and hits him and tells Helena to run away.

Helena goes. Natalie comes to Maila noticing her strange behavior recently and asks what is wrong? She checks her for signs of fever, Natalie asks, what’s wrong Maila? You’ve been acting strange offlate. Maila lied that it’s just some misunderstandings between her and Oliver. Natalie assures her that, as Lucas and Onay are coming back together, they will also come together. Natalie then goes and Maila gets thinking. 

Everybody gets ready for the engagement party. Friends and family are seen at the venue. Everybody is happy and enjoying whereas Lucas is feeling guilty within. The MC welcomes Lucas and Onay on stage. They give them a hand of applause. Helena shows up at the party. She gets down and says it looks like the party started. Let’s see what happens. Vincent scolds his men for allowing Helena escape. Soleng is being taken captive. 

Vincent scolds and beats her. When they went, Soleng took her phone to make a call. Lucas gave his speech and kissed Onay on the cheek. Helena arrives at the party and looks on. Helena says this is so romantic. I almost shed a tear. Everybody looks on. Natalie says mom, what are you doing here? Helena says I just want to celebrate with you guys. Addressing Lucas and Onay, she says you guys are a perfect match. Helena compelled Lucas to tell the secret to his future wife.

 When Lucas didn’t, Helena says you two are soul mates because you actually knew him before you met him. Onay is confused. She asks Helena what she is talking about. Helena says how can you forget, the touch of his skin, his lips. Helena shakingly responds. Helena says why are you so scared to speak, Lucas? She says how can you keep this secret, because trust is the foundation of… Lucas says would you shut up! 

Helena says you shut up! Are you not the r@pist of Onay? Everybody is shocked. Onay says is this all coming back to you now? Onay says stop all your lies. Helena says it seems you don’t know your future husband. She tells Lucas, why don’t you tell her what happened? You are responsible for Elvin’s death. Onay asks Lucas if this is true? Natalie goes to drive Helena away.

 Helena says I am not the enemy, he is! Natalie and Maila drove Helena away. Maila tells Onay to calm down and takes her away. Hector comes to Lucas. Vincent is in his car going to pay Helena for what she has done to ruin his reputation. Lucas comes to Onay. Onay asks him to answer. Lucas begins by saying sorry to Onay. He then reveals to Onay the truth about what happened and confirms what Helena said as being true. 

Vincent sees Helena and they follow her. Lucas kneels down not finding the words to say and knelt down and begs Onay. Flashback shows what happened and consequences, the death of Elvin and how Helena took Rosemary away from her. The very beginning of her troubles. Lucas reveals to Onay what actually happened wasn’t entirely his fault, he gives an account of how that happened. Onay and everyone leaves Lucas.