Nathalie Feels Sorry For Onay. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday Pt1, 14 June 2022


The episode begins with Onay worrying for Rosemary. She finally gets conscious. She sees Onay and asks her to get off her. Onay put her back into the security auto and they drove off.  Helena calls the goon she had tasked to take Onay’s life. Nathalie is being taken to the hospital. She tells Nathalie that this is all her fault. She was the reason she took the bicycle and ran into the accident. 

She tells Onay she doesn’t believe she is actually her mommy. Onay says sorry to her. Onay recalls the day Elvin died and was taken to the hospital. Nathalie looks on as Onay recounts her plight. She felt remorseful. Nathalie starts shedding tears. There was a moment of silence and glancing between them. Helena calls and Maila answers the phone. She was screaming asking what had happened to Nathalie. 

Maila tells Nelia it’s Helena. She takes the phone. Helena tells her she wants to speak with her. Nelia says she is Onay’s daughter, not yours. They argue. Nelia hangs up. Helena feels worried. 

Nathalie lies on the bed as Onay remembers when she gave birth to Nathalie. Onay prayed that Nathalie would accept her soon. Nathalie wakes up and tells Onay to promise her she will allow her to speak with Helena. Onay gave her word. Doctor comes.and checks Nathalie’s wound. She tells her you are good to go now. She looks on. Onay calls Maila and asks where she is? She and her grandma were worried about her. She tells Maila about her spending time with Rosemary at the hospital. 

Maila and Lucas in the car discussing Rosemarie brouhaha. Nathalie and Onay take a taxi. The driver was part of goons Helena has tasked to kill Onay. Flashback shows the killer meeting the driver and giving her the task of kidnapping her. He showed her a picture. He remembers seeing Onay and tracking her.  The driver puts chemicals in the car. Onay and Nathalie fall asleep.