Nathalie Chooses Onay Over Helena. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday Pt1, 21 June 2022: Episode 138


The episode begins with Maila having conversations with her mother and kissing her. Nathalie has also packed her belongings and left Helena’s house. Helena followed by calling her and asking her to turn back. Nathalie says am leaving, you are not my mother. Nathalie gets into her car but Helena drags her out. Nathalie says you tried to kill my mother. I will never forgive you for this! 

Helena says you have started calling her mom? Nathalie scolds Helena and she slaps her. Helena says Nathalie, am sorry, I should have not slapped you. Nathalie get angry and enters her car. Helena tells Nathalie, get out of the car, but Nathalie drives off. She says i’m never going to give up on you, I will never leave you for Onay. Helena cries and her maids try to calm her down. Nathalie has left Helena for good. 

As Onay and Nelia were speaking about Rosemary, she came with her bags and said I was wrong! She says I was wrong to believe her. I was wrong for not believing you and Maila. Nathalie says sorry to Onay for all that she made them go through. Onay says she has forgiven her and asks her to come for a hug.

Nathalie remembers the sweet moments she spent with Onay. She says mom, and hugs Onay. They both cried. Nelia calls Maila and informs her the good news that Rosemary has returned and accepted her mother. Nathalie again said sorry to her mother. Nathalie hugs Nelia also. Maila was with Lucas then. 

As Nathalie hugs Onay, Helena shows up and says well done Onay, I hope you are happily enjoying your family reunion? Nathalie is shocked. They all look on. Helena tells Nathalie, let’s go. Am here to take you. Nathalie says I am not going with you. Onay scolds Helena.

Nathalie says I am not coming, I am not with my mother. Helena says see Nathalie, I forgive you, I promise, I forgive you. She tries to drag Nathalie away. But Nathalie won’t go anywhere. The security guards drag Helena away. Helena cries and says give me my Nathalie. She begs Nathalie to come home. Nathalie hugs Nelia and Onay. 

Helena calls Landor and says thank your stars that I called you. I want you to do to her daughter what you did with Onay. They ask if it’s the one they Kidnapped? Helena says no, not Nathalie, Onay’s daughter Maila, I want her to suffer, I want you to kill Onay’s daughter, Maila. Lucas comes to Onay with coffee but she has left Maila at the desk.

 Onay and Nathalie felt uneasy that nothing bad might happen to Maila. Lo and behold, Helena’s goons have kidnapped Maila. Helena tells them to do with her how they want; she doesn’t care. But they should make sure that they will make her disappear.

Lucas and Nelia go to the lab to look for Maila. Announcement was made that Maila should report but there was no sign of her. Nelia starts feeling sick. Lucas goes to get water for her. Agartha tells Helena that this is too much, Helena. 

Onay was your enemy from the start but Maila? Really? She is just an innocent kid Helena, just an innocent kid born by Onay. Helena says but Elvin, he was innocent too and Onay just took him away from me.

And now Nathalie, she was innocent, but she was influenced and I lost her too. Don’t you think it’s high time I take everything that belongs to her? Agartha says you already did that. Nathalie is the one who chose Onay. Helena says I took up Nathalie for me, to fill up the void in my heart. 

Now I am taking her daughter away to create the same void in her heart. I lost my son because of her, now I lost my daughter too? Helena says it hurts. Nelia calls Dante and informs her about Maila missing. Kiana comes and says she asks some of her mates about Maila but they have no idea where she is.

Nelia and Lucas come and inform Onay that they did not see Maila. Onay gets worried. Nathalie tells Onay not to worry, Maila is very strong, she’s stronger than me. She will win as she always does. Nathalie promises Onay that they are going to get Maila back! She goes with Lucas. Kidnappers push Maila into the water to drown and die.