Helena Fears As Onay Comes For Rosemary. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday Pt1, 24 May 2022

The episode begins with Lucas giving a hot chase at Helena’s goons. They noticed they are being chased. They sped off. Lucas lost them. Sali calls Lucas. She gives the phone to Nelia. Lucas informs that he has lost them. Onay was about to go. Sali asks where she was going? Onay says she is going to confront Helena. Sali advises her not to go but she says she can’t sit down without doing anything. Sali asks to escort her. The girl Chelsea celebrates her birthday. 

She thanks everyone for coming to her birthday party. She then gives Maila a flower crown and says you are the Princess. Nathalie takes off the crown and says you are not a Princess. I am the Princess. A guy comes and says hey Princess, let’s swim and he pushes Nathalie into the pool. Other guys pushes Luise and Wendy too in. Everyone looks on. Onay in Helena’s residence. 

She shouts her name. Agartha says Onay is here? Helena says I don’t know, it’s sounds like her. Soleng comes and tells her Onay is at the door. Helena gets scared and says my goodness, what is she doing here again? Helena sneaks to check. They turn off the lights. Sali says looks like no one is in there. Onay says there are in there and calls Nathalie. 

Everyone laughs at Nathalie at the party. She gets mad. Onay taunts them and says she knows they are there and she also knows Rosemary is Nathalie. She is coming for her daughter. Helena tells Soleng to call the gaurds……

Maila goes to Chelsa and says sorry to her for ruining her birthday. She says it’s not your fault and nothing went wrong. Maila asks to leave but she begs her to spend 15mins in her house.  Helena says Nelia might have informed Onay about the truth. She then says she will never allow her to take her daughter away from her. Lucas arrives with the police and they searches the entire area where Dante is. They finally saw him unconscious.

 Luise tells Nathalie that I told you we should go home. Nathalie says if you want to go home, you can go, nobody is restricting you, I thought we are best friends. Am am not going home and loosing to Maila. Luise says here we are again. Your plans are all not working. You are out of amunitions. Wendy says that’s where you are wrong Luise, not all. She gives the concoction to Nathalie. She smells it and says I like how this is going. 

Luise looks on. The guards and tells Onay they have to go. Sali asks them to leave her. Onay calls Soleng and asks her to help her. Soleng cries. Soleng says sorry to Onay. Onay then leaves. Nathalie pours the concoction in the glass. Wendy says letme take care of this. She calls a guy and asks for a favor. She gives the drink  to him and asks him to give to Maila and Kiana. The guys sent the drink.

Kiana drinks hers. Lucas comes home and informs them that Dante has been taken to the hospital. Onay then informs Lucas that her Rosemary is Nathalie and asks for his help. Lucas then informs her that Nathalie is still a minor. The court will be in her favor. Maila didn’t take her drinks. She says she has to check what’s going on and tell Kiana she will be back in 5mins. She goes. Kiana feels dizzy. 

Helena informs Agartha that she will be traveling with Nathalie. Agartha says you are going back to France? She says yes, where else? She has to take her away from Onay. She then says she is booking a flight ticket. She then tells Agartha to call Luise and asks where Nathalie is. She didn’t answer. Helena says what is wrong with these kids. Agartha tells her, well you better find Nathalie before Onay does. 

Gastor calls Helena and tells her that Nelia is at home and Dante has been taking to the hospital by the police. Helena says what? How can you be so incompetent? Helena is f**cked up. Soleng looks on. Suddenly the lights goes off. Maila is left in the dark….Read more

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