Onay Beats Helena In A Fight. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday Pt1, 31 May 2022: Episode

The episode begins with Onay and Nelia in the car. Nelia and the rest of them in the house call to ask what is going on. Lucas informs them. Helena and Nathalie are seen. They went to the coffee shop. Nathalie asks ma, I thought you will appear before the court today? She says court appearances are for losers. She says let the attorney do the dirty work. They made fun of Onay. Oliver calls Maila and says I pray that you win the case. He says I love you, Maila too says the same and the call ends. 

Agartha calls Helena and says are you out of your mind Helena? Why didn’t you go to the court? She replies, I don’t want to see Onay. I don’t care anymore what they say? She says very soon, they can get there. Helena say I can always file a DRO. She says you can’t keep doing that forever, Helena. Helena says can you not stress me out Agartha? Agartha says sorry, I was only speaking as a concerned friend. Helena says anyways I will think of something. 

Nathalie, who has excused Helena, calls Luise and speaks with her on the phone. Luise tells her why don’t you speak with them. Maybe you can go for a compromise. Nathalie says are you kidding me? No way. Her battery runs low. She says oh, I will call you back. Am on a  low battery. Onay and Luise goes to the coffee shop where Helena and Nathalie are. Nathalie gets out of the room. 

Onay sees her and calls Rosemary! She calls Helena. Helena says what are you doing here? With your size, you just appear anywhere. Onay taunts them and they taunt back. Nathalie says I am her daughter, not yours. Onay says Rosemary, DNA test confirmed you are my daughter. Still she says I am not your daughter. Onay pushes Helena and she falls. She beats her, pulls her hair and hurts Helena.  

Nathalie says you are not my mommy. Lucas says that’s too much Nathalie. She says I said it already, you are not my mommy. Helena tells Onay, you are really a beast. 

Helena says this is the last time you are going to ever come close to my daughter and I will make sure of that. They leave. Luise calls Nathalie and phone and says Nathalie, the results are in and we both know it so why deny it? She says because I don’t want to be aunty Onay’s daughter and I don’t want to be Maila’s sister, that’s all. Luise says but you are, they are your family. She says no Luise, you are wrong. My mom is my only family. 

Helena overhears their conversation and says we need to talk to Agartha about that Luise. Nathalie says no ma, she’s my best friend on campus. Helena brings milk to her and says drink your milk so you can come down. She says mom, you don’t have to. Helena says I have to.

Even if I am not your biological mother, you stood firm against Onay. She says that’s because the love you have for me is beyond reasoning. They hug. Onay comes home and informs them what had happened. She cries and they console her. Onay remembers the past. Maila comes to her and consoles her. 

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