Onay Buys Helena’s New House. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday Pt1, 5 July 2022: Episode 150


The episode begins with Helena and her friends at the table having fun in her new home. They ask about Natalie. Helena says if she sees this house, she will come home. They also ask about Agartha and she replies that for what happened at the foundation, they will continue to remain enemies. She then says why don’t we just stop talking about these things and just toast to your beautiful life and to my beautiful life.

The doorbell rang, Helena tells her to check who is at the door. Soleng goes out and sees the police at the gate. The police come and inform Helena that the new house she is in doesn’t belong to her. 

Helena tells them it’s her house but the police explain to her that the house has been confiscated by the bank. Helena says I will settle with this with the bank. Her guests say Helena I think we should go but she says it’s just a misunderstanding, I will settle this. The police tell her that the house has been auctioned and another person now owns it. 

Helena says you can’t treat me like an outsider, please I want to talk to the new owner, look, officer this is all I have right now. As they were speaking, Onay and Lucas came there. Vincent shows himself to Maila. Helena, seeing Onay says, you’ve entered the wrong circus Onay, you are not invited to my party?

Onay asks is this a restaurant where you will organize your party? Helena says just get out of my house. Onay tells her this is her house. Helena says you must be kidding me. Do you think here is an anthole? Onay tells her she is the new owner of the house. Lucas says you heard her right Helena, this house belongs to Onay. Vincent came to speak with Maila and then went away. 

Helena, still unable to believe what she heard, says you gotta be kidding me. Helena asks Lucas, why are you doing this for her? What is between the two of you? Lucas says I am doing this because I want to. Onay tells the police to take Helena away. Her friends looked on. She says what won’t you help me? They say sorry and go. Helena tells the police to let her go and not to touch her.

 Onay tells Helena she will pay for all she has done to Maila, to Dante and to everyone. But Helena says I didn’t kill Dante. Maila and Natalie converses about Vincent and Lucas. 

Soleng says to Helena after they left Onay’s house into a low call house, life is funny, life is a drama, life is a comedy, life is adventure, action and fantasy. 

Soleng tells her all this is happening because of her own mistakes. Helena shouts on Soleng and tells her to leave. Soleng says i will leave and is leaving. Helena calls her back and says Soleng, I didn’t mean it, I was just joking. She took Soleng’s back and kept it away. Soleng complains about how Helena has always ill-treated her in the past. Helena promises that nothing of that will happen again.   Helena looks at the poor nature of her new house and says I have sworn to myself I have never come to this point. 

Onay’s family teases her with Lucas, and tells her to accept she is in love with Lucas. Onay shyly denies. Nelia tells her they will support her in her decision…Read more