Helena Is Under Arrest. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday Pt2, 24 May 2022: Episode 106

The episode begins with Soleng crying as she felt guilty of all the things Helena has done to Onay and also felt sorry for her. She remembers all that Onay has been through. She cries saying she couldn’t help her. Soleng then calls Onay and informs her that madam Helena is planning on taking Nathalie back to France. She then says sorry to her for all that she has been through and how she couldn’t help her. Onay says it’s your fault, it’s all Helena’s doing. Onay then informs Lucas that Helena is taking Nathalie away to France. 

Nathalie and her friends get Maila. Nathalie says put her back where she belongs. They lock her up in the room. Nathalie says Maila should know what Nathalie went through when she got blind. Luise says what if something happens to her? They left her there and went. Maila cries calling Nathalie but she leaves. Helena was about to go in search of Nathalie.

 Lucas arrives there with the police to arrest Helena for attempted murder on Nelia and Dante. Helena says where is the arrest warrant and where is the evidence of these accusations. Lucas says Dante is at the hospital and it is confirmed your goons attempted to kill him. But Helena denied all the accusations. The police says they have to write her statement. Helena says but I have already given my statement. And says Lucas, you are on the wrong side for helping Onay. 

Lucas says she can assure her. Onay and her family will get justice. Lucas goes. Helena gets scared. Suddenly the lights are in. Chelsea comes and says what are you guys doing here? Nathalie lies. She says Nathalie, in the first place you are not supposed to be here. This is my party, my house, my rules. Nathalie and her friends go. Maila kept shouting but no one heard her. 

Lucas calls Onay and tells her what has happened. He says I am sorry if I failed but I promise you I won’t stop until you get justice. Onay at the hospital. Dante is conscious. Helena calls Nathalie and asks Nathalie where are you? She says mom, am at a party. Helena says give me the exact location, I will come pick you up. She says mom, am having fun. Helena says well, the fun is over.

Am coming there right now, okay? Nathalie draws on the face of Kiana who is asleep. She says and now, how can you face the problem if the problem is your face. Luise says Nathalie, you are getting us into trouble. They left Kiana there and went. Kiana wakes up. She takes her phone and calls. Maila kept shouting. Maila tried to pick the phone but couldn’t. Kiana goes to the mirror and sees her face. She says I know this is Nathalie and her friends doing. Chelsea also calls Maila. Kiana calls Onay at the hospital to ask if Maila is there. She says no, and Kiana says they cannot find her. They suspect Nathalie is behind this. 

Kiana confronts Nathalie about the whereabouts of Maila. She says you are her friend, you supposed to know? Maila finally picks her phone. She calls Kiana and informs her Nathalie locked her up in a room. Kiana and Chelsea run there and save her. They hug. Chelsea says sorry, I should have checked upstairs….Read more

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