Onay’s Life In Danger! The Way To Your Heart Tuesday Pt2, 5 July 2022: Episode 151


The episode begins with Helena looking at Natalie’s social media page, she has changed her name on social media from Natalie to Rosemary Montenegro. Maila and Natalie are having fun together. Natalie then goes out. Helena calls on her phone and Maila answers it. Helena, thinking it was Natalie, says Natalie came back to me. Maila taunts her. 

Natalie comes and asks Maila, is that mommy? She speaks to Helena. Helena says Natalie, am alone , please come back, I know you feel the same way I feel about you, please I need you. But Natalie refuses and says am sorry, ma am sorry. Onay and her family goes out to have fun

together including Lucas. Onay and Lucas had a moment together, and had an eyelock.

 Everyone looks on and smiles. Natalie clears her throat. She says let’s go Maila. They joked on Onay. Helena hides and looks at what was going on. Onay and Lucas excuse themselves, they had a moment together alone. Helena looks on. Maila tells Natalie that she has changed a lot. Natalie says that’s a new version of myself. Maila inquires about Oliver. Natalie says you guys deserve each other. 

Am so happy for you. Maila takes a selfie and records their moment. Onay was sitting alone as Lucas had excused himself. She starts thinking about Lucas and the moments they had together. Suddenly, Helena appears. They argue. Onay asks if she is there to cause another trouble. Helena says no, am here to attend your party, aren’t you going to invite me to your mini party? Helena fights Onay. Onay bites Helena. She chases her.

 Lucas comes and finds out Onay was not there. Lucas thinks something might happen to her. Onay sprays Helena. Helena holds her and dips her head in the poolo to kill her. She started strangling Onay. Onay faints and Helena runs away. Lucas asks Hector where Onay might be. They finally saw Onay who had fainted. 

Natalie and Maila see Helena running away. Natalie says what are you doing here? Helena is shocked. Lucas begs Onay not to leave them. Onay finally gets conscious. Maila taunts Helena and asks what has she done this time? Helena says let’s go and enters a taxi. Maila says mommy! They all got back home. Natalie calls Helena and taunts her for trying to kill her mother, she said and hangs up.